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The strength of Morton Mixers & Blenders Ltd is its commitment to the core business of developing technology and design, to apply to its mixers and blenders to solve customers' problems. Morton has a reputation for manufacturing equipment of quality and reliability.

Whether you mix powders, pastes, creams, doughs, batters, slurries, sludges or granules, Morton can supply the mixer or blender designed to match your application. All mixers are manufactured to comply with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard. Morton Mixers & Blenders Ltd can also offer a full range of used and reconditioned mixers, with units offered at competitive prices.

Management Personnel

  • Director: Bill Walker
  • Operations: Dorothy Hamilton
  • Service Manager: Alex Warner

Products Supplied

Industrial Mixers and Blenders:
We design and manufacture stainless steel industrial mixers and blenders for the food, water treatment, pharmaceutical, environmental waste disposal and other associated industries.
Batch or Continuous Multi-Mixers:
With the option of Batch or Continuous, the Multi-Mixer is designed to meet the demands for fast precision mixing of components, with wide ranging quantity proportions, densities, structures and flow characteristics. Manufactured to customers specifications to include jacket for heating or cooling, wear resistant and food/pharmaceutical finishes. Typical applications include: Detergents, Food Powders, Cement Blends, Coal Briquettes, Chemical and Animal Feeds.
Ribbon-Blenders (U Trough):
Designed to mix powders, granules, light pastes, creams, slurries and will distribute liquids evenly onto a substrate. Manufactured to a customers specification to include jacket for heating or cooling, wear resistant, special shaft seals, and specialised inlets and discharges.
Duplex Mixers:
Designed to tackle the heaviest of mixing duties such as viscous pastes and doughs, silicon rubber, chewing gum and metal powder.
Gridlap Mixers:
Unique to Morton Mixers the Gridlap features all stainless steel and crevice free finish for ease of cleaning. The 'Grid' type beaters have been perfected by Morton to incorporate easily damaged inclusions, such as fruits, with minimum bruising or streaking. Other products mixed include fruit cakes, biscuit dough, Christmas puddings, butter creams and cake batters.
Batter Whisks:
For mixing pancakes, crumpets, scones, wafers, as well as pre-mixes for swiss rolls, sponges and various other cakes.
Air Pressure Whisks:
Any product requiring aeration can benefit from the Morton Air Pressure Whisk. Designed for the production of meringues, marshmallows, swiss rolls and sponges the Air Pressure Whisk provides fast efficient mixing followed by instant discharge.
Laboratory Mixers:
Morton manufacture a full range of Laboratory mixers ideal for Research and Development work, as well as small scale production.
Morton Test Centre:
Morton are able to offer a test centre to complete trials on a variety of machines.
Morton Refurbished Mixers:
We offer refurbished Morton mixers, which meet current industry standards, supplied with full guarantee. We can also offer full refurbishment of your existing Morton mixer.
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