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Whether you need strapping, banding or stretch wrapping solutions; we get your products safely on their way to your customer’s destination.

We reliably take care of bundling, transport securing and product protection to help ensure that your products arrive at your customers in their very best condition - strapped, wrapped, secure and in tip-top condition!

Whether you are looking to move away from hand-strapping, automate your end-of-line processes, or simply want to replace or upgrade, we have a dependable solution you can trust.

Our extensive product portfolio has a machine suitable for any requirement; from compact semi-automatic free-standing machines suitable for strapping smaller packages, to large fully automated strapping machines which can strap whole pallets of heavy goods and can be integrated into existing or new production lines.

We have solutions for most industry sectors; whether it be e-Commerce Fulfilment, Mail Order, Pharmaceuticals, Construction or sectors such as Food & Beverages which demands fast, reliable, high-performance, hygiene-focused packaging solutions in adverse environmental conditions.

If end-of-line reliability is important to your business, you already know and appreciate the Mosca brand stands for excellence in strapping solutions and end-of-line process.

We also offer a large range of high-quality strapping materials in both PP (Polypropylene) and PET (Polyester) which work in perfect synergy with Mosca strapping machines. Our strap comes in an array of sizes, widths, thicknesses and colours and we feel confident that we will have a material suitable for your strapping requirement, whether it is delicate printed goods or rugged construction material. We can also print your logo on our plastic strapping or emboss them with a seal of authenticity.

We are honoured & privileged to have served the Strapping and Packaging industry for the last 56-years.

Let us find the right solution together!


Products Supplied

Strapping Machines:
We can supply solutions for any industry sector. Whether you are looking to move away from hand-strapping, automate your end-of-line processes, or simply want to replace or upgrade, we have a dependable solution you can trust.

Semi and fully automatic strapping machines; Strapper for palletised goods or goods on dollies; machinery which can automatically strap single and double pallets at different heights with just one machine.
Edge banding machines:
Construction materials, such as timber, are usually heavy, often bulky and sharp-edged. Stable strapping solutions like the RO-M-RI are designed to withstand heavy loads in the long-term helping to guarantee the reliable securing of goods for transport.
Stretch Wrappers:
Working with our sister company Movitec; we are proud to offer you the best solutions to protect your load units, ensure stability, and guarantee the best presentation of your product. What's more, these solutions adapt to your needs: from maximum versatility to high performance that keeps you moving forward!

Our combination of transport security and packaging solutions offers decisive advantages for your end-of-line processes. We can provide Manual wrapping solutions, Automatic stretch wrappers, and Pallet stretch ring wrapping machines.
Pallet Securing Systems:
In addition to our strapping machines, we offer a broad portfolio of complete strapping systems for special securing requirements. Our robust systems handle multiple steps of the load securing process in a single pass and work extremely efficiently.

Our pallet packing presses press, strap and secure your cargo onto the pallet in a single production step, leaving it ready for logistics processing.

Depending on your requirements, we can combine pallet packing presses with additional equipment, such as a stretch wrapper. Pallets are then automatically strapped and wrapped with stretch film, ready for transport. Especially when very little space is available, systems like these are an alternative to large-volume production lines.
Tailored Integrated Solutions:
As a renowned system supplier, our expertise extends far beyond our machine portfolio. We offer integrated solutions that precisely and reliably meet your business needs.

Whether you are looking for a system to secure loading or products, our project department will define your requirements and give you individual advice. As an end-of-line integrator, we assume complete responsibility for your end-of-line packaging and goods in transport securing processes. In specific terms, this means we liaise with you and ensure optimum interface adaptation by controlling the process itself and integrating the necessary elements.

Depending on your requirements, we can deliver complete end-of-line systems or integrate individual machines into existing solutions.
Strapping Materials:
Strapping is similar to refuelling: you don’t put the cheapest fuel into a top-class engine if you want to achieve maximum performance. Our machines operate with maximum availability as well. But only in combination with high-quality strapping can you experience truly peak results.

As a system supplier, we not only offer reliable strapping machines, individual strapping systems and comprehensive Service, but also provide plastic strapping made from polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET), as well as our Eco-Strap. Since 2008, we have been producing our strapping at our Muckental plant in the heart of Germany’s Odenwald forest. It is one of the most modern fully automatic plants in Europe and operates around the clock.

We can also print your logo on our plastic strapping or emboss them with a seal of authenticity.
Servicing, Repairs & Upgrades:
Please share with us your Servicing requirements, Machinery which is in need of repair or upgrades. We are also able to provide UK-based Spare parts.

Our 'ONE Service' goes far beyond traditional maintenance and repair. It includes installations, relocations, technical training, and technical expert meetings focusing on the potential to optimize strapping machines. Since the beginning of 2018, we have been offering all our customers the same high quality of service worldwide. The same standards, practices and norms apply globally to all 14 Mosca branches and subsidiaries.
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