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Nerak is the manufacturer of some of the world's most advanced bucket elevators and vertical conveyor systems for packaged products and bulk materials with design and manufacturing sites in the UK and Europe along with assembly plants in the USA, they are market leaders in conveying product across single and multiple floor levels.

Nerak is an OEM partner with many of the world's most prominent systems engineering companies in their turnkey projects across a breadth of industry sectors for example distribution, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, airport systems and baggage handling. Supplying End Users, Integrators and Consultants Nerak's global network supports brands like Unilever, XPO Logistics, Mondelez, Mars, Amazon, Procter and Gamble and many more.

At the heart of every Nerak conveyor drive system is the heavy duty rubber block chain. The rubber block chain gets its high tensile strength from embedded vulcanised steel cables. The outstanding features of these chains are that they have no links, are silent running, wear resistant and virtually maintenance free, all excellent qualities further enhanced by its corrosion free design.

The rubber block chain also proves to be very cost effective as there is no need for lubrication, regular adjustment and re-tensioning so down time is kept to a minimum. So whether you are moving materials like packets, boxes, totes, pallets or bulk product, Nerak Wiese has a solution to meet your needs.

Management Personnel

  • Director: Simon Musgrave
  • Managing Director: John Oakley

Products Supplied

WB Bucket Conveyor (UK):
Elevating product to silos, hoppers etc. Nylon buckets 'diaphragm-linked' and connected to rubber chains carry product vertically from ground level. Multi infeed, single discharge. Available in "C" or "S" shape configuration.
PB Pendulum Bucket Conveyor (UK):
Overlapping multi-tip buckets. These buckets carry product and allow independent discharge from any bucket in the line. Ideal for applications where multi discharge points are required. Available in "C" or "S" shape configuration.
Continuous Platform Elevator (UK):
Vertical lift platform conveyor suitable for the elevating and lowering of packets, packaged product, cartons, boxes and totes across single floor levels. Single infeed, single discharge capable of throughputs up to 2,400 per hour. Available in "C" or "S" shape configuration.
Reciprocating hoist for Boxes/Totes/Pallets/Dollies and Cages:
Available in several models suitable for handling: 1. Totes, boxes and cartons 2. Cages and dollies. 3. Pallets. Multi infeed and discharge options. Low to medium throughput capabilities. Unit weight range of 600kg to 2,500kg across single or multiple floor levels.
Mezzanine lifts:
With models to suit the vertical transportation of many load types including stillages, dollies, roll cages and pallets. They can either be supplied as a standalone system or integrated into a larger warehouse solution.
Spiral Evelator:
Spiral elevators are the go-to solution to provide a continuous throughput of product, boxes, totes and cartons. A space saving solution across production areas, warehouses and distribution centres used both as a method of vertical transportation but also as an accumulation or cooling facility.
Our spiral elevators are used in both the food and non-food industries, ideal for applications where a 90-degree transfer is required achieving throughputs of up to 3000 units an hour.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Nerak GmbH Fördertechnik:
Part of the NERAK network, are based in Germany and have field agents across the globe.
Nerak Systems USA:
Part of the NERAK network, and are based in the United States of America.
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Wiese Germany:
Manufacturer of bucket elevators.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Boxlifter / Continous Platform Elevator
  • Cage lift
  • Dolly lift
  • Mezzanine Lift
  • Pallet Lift
  • PB (Bucket) Elevator
  • WB (Bucket) Elevator

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