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Newsmith are a world leading manufacturer of a versatile and extensive range of industrial washing and automated handling equipment with over 50 years' experience. Alongside a range of standard solutions Newsmith focuses its resources on the manufacture of machines designed to meet clients’ specific needs. Our innovative washing solutions range from batch washing machines for weigh head washing, utensil washing and pallet washing to high specification, high throughput tunnel basket washing and drying systems. The company also offers complete service support and a range of quality detergents.

Management Personnel

  • Director: Robert Newton
  • Technical Director: Bhu Patel
  • Spares & Service Manager: David Massey

Products Supplied

Basket Washer:
Newsmith offer a range of versatile and effective solutions for washing and drying all types of baskets, crates and totes.
Pallet Washer:
Simple machines designed to wash and rinse a single pallet at a time through to fully automatic systems designed to destack, clean, dry and restack hundreds of pallets per hour,
Bin Washer:
Specifically designed for thorough, efficient and economical cleaning. Can accommodate all types of wheeled bins or unwheeled containers and pallets.
Utensil Washer:
The cabinet washer is capable of washing utensils, bowls, pans and trays used in food processing.
Bread and Bun Pan Cleaner:
The ultimate dry system for industrial bakeries, designed to handle bread and bun pans as well as other bakery trays.
Basket Handling Systems:
Newsmith Stainless, design, manufacture and install clean basket / crate systems based on a customer’s specific requirements.
Trash Removal Machine:
The unique Newsmith trash removal system ensures the most efficient possible removal of waste debris to maximise wash plant performance.
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