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OAL helps food manufacturers automate. An innovative family business, our success is underpinned by our founder, Harry Norman’s passion for technology and enthusiasm for change. Over our 25 year history, we have expanded our expertise, delivering technology brands including OAL Connected, Steam Infusion and APRIL Robotics. Now OAL is a multi-award-winning engineering company using automation and robotics to shake up the food industry and improve how our food is made.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Harry Norman
  • Head of Sales Jake Norman

Products Supplied

APRIL Robotics:
APRIL Robotics dramatically improves productivity, food safety and traceability through the application of the latest technology in food processing. There are two distinct solutions to help food manufacturers automate their processing operations and achieve consistent, homemade product quality through smaller batch sizes and enhanced control.

Firstly, an automated solution for batch cooking of soups, sauces and ready meals: APRIL Robotics Cooking Cell or ‘Robot Chef’. As food manufacturers face tighter margins and increased scrutiny over food safety and traceability, they need a solution to tackle these challenges that can offer the flexibility needed in today’s market for a ‘batch of one’. The APRIL Robotics Cooking Cell fully automates cooking operations, ensuring major productivity improvements, up to 50% reduction in factory space and capital equipment from parallel processing, less than 1% yield losses and extended shelf life thanks to minimal human intervention in a controlled environment. The Robot Chef also fully automates the cleaning operations, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination within production facilities, as well as pouring product to discharge it rather than pumping, enhancing product quality, reducing waste and simplifying operations.

Secondly, an automated weighing solution, the APRIL Robotics Ingredient Handling system. Manual handling and weighing of ingredients can cost food manufacturers up to 1% of turnover every year. Bulk ingredients can be handled efficiently using silos and big bag but when it comes to micro-ingredients manufacturers tend to rely on operators to complete arduous weighing tasks in harsh and dusty environments, damaging their health and incurring significant costs. However, by combining robotics and advanced automation, the APRIL Robotics Ingredient Handling system offers a flexible and scalable solution that delivers an accurate and cost-effective alternative to operators on the factory floor. Combining exceptional storage density with an unparalleled turndown ratio for high accuracy ingredient weighing, a robot retrieves and manages ingredients from a network of APRIL Smart Containers (ASCs) as per the recipe and weighs them into an ASC Blend Container. The ASCs are managed through the system, including cleaning operations, offering a reliable and repeatable unmanned operation.
OAL Connected:
Food manufacturers need automation to meet the compliance and productivity demands of modern food manufacturing. Paper-based, disjointed automation exposes you to risk and prevents true excellence.

OAL Connected is dedicated to helping food manufacturers overcome this challenge, getting the right product in the right packaging with the right date code every time. OAL Connected allows manufacturers to deliver volumes while safeguarding the packaging line to avoid product recalls.

The OAL Connected Suite is a comprehensive system protecting over 1,200 packaging lines, allowing you to move towards a fully automated packaging line. Solutions available include label and date code verification, machine vision, productivity measurement (OEE), factory integration, QA checks, traceability and paperless recording.
Steam Infusion:
Steam Infusion is a revolutionary heating and mixing process that significantly improves the profitability of food manufacturing by overcoming many of the challenges they face every day including burn-on contamination, variable product consistency and slow cooking times.

Steam Infusion helps food manufacturers increase cooking capacity and develop exciting new food products. The dedicated team comprises process engineers and development chefs who work alongside food & beverage manufacturers to help them adopt the technology quickly and smoothly.

Working with our global network of local system integrators, the Steam Infusion Vaction™ Pump can be integrated In-Tank or In-Line into new and existing processes to cook faster and fresher products that consumers will love.
OAL has over 25 years' proven experience of supplying outstanding turnkey liquid and dry material handling and processing projects; a one-stop shop for systems comprising design, automation and support. Working with some of the biggest names in the food industry, the OAL team has completed hundreds of projects, delivering high quality results and outstanding support.
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Trade names

Trade names

  • APRIL Robotics
  • Olympus Automation
  • Steam Infusion

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