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King John House
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OCME UK Ltd is a subsidiary of OCME Srl, Italy, manufacturers of packaging and palletising machines. We supply individual machines and complete turn-key filling lines to a variety of industries, including beverage, food, toiletry, detergent, oil and paper. We specialise in fully automatic end-of-line palletising schemes and AGV systems.

Management Personnel

  • Technical Services Manager: Chris Sharp
  • After Sales Service Co-ordinator: Jan Tidy

Products Supplied

PERSEUS and ORION Automatic Palletisers:
Individual machines and complete palletising systems based on low level, high level and robotic palletisers.
DORADO Automatic Depalletisers:
For bulk glass, cans and crates.
ALTAIR Wraparound Case Packers:
For bottles, cans and multipacks up to 80 cases per minute with the option of automatic division insertion.
VEGA Trayloader Shrinkwrappers:
From 25 to over 150 cycles per minute with trays, flat pads or trayless operation.
LIBRA Filling Machines:
Rotary and in-line volumetric fillers, weight controlled fillers for oils and detergents, from 200ml to 200 litres.
Conveyor Systems:
For multipacks, trays, cases, crates and full pallets.
Complete Lines:
Turnkey filling line projects for oils and liquid detergents.
AURIGA Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV):
Laser guided vehicles for automatic handling of empty and loaded pallets.
Packetto Smart and Packetto ECO are new systems that are added to the VEGA shrinkwrap packers to enhance pack quality and reduce film consumption by as much as 30%.
VIRGO Filling Machines:
Net Weight Filling Machines specifically for edible oils.
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OCME srl, Italy:
Filling, packing and palletising equipment. Complete end-of-line systems.
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