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OPTIMA - Excellence in packaging technologies

OPTIMA packaging group GmbH with headquarters in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany, teams with its subsidiaries to design and build packaging equipment for pharmaceutical, consumer, nonwoven and life science products - from single standard machines to complete complex turnkey systems. Whether custom solutions or modular machines, functions are systematically tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries. Optima packaging technologies are considered leading-edge in many fields worldwide, including filling and packaging of coffee capsules, freeze drying for sterile pharmaceutical liquids and packaging of paper hygiene products. The company's broad expertise also extends into production lines for manufacturing and packaging advanced wound care products.

Customers appreciate the personal, cooperative and flexible working relationship with Optima's subsidiaries. Optima as a parent company in turn provides the infrastructure and resources needed in the globalized economy. The company is committed to environmental and social sustainability through positive action. Optima provides various levels of support to a wide range of social and societal projects.

Optima is considered to be a “hidden champion,” a status due in no small part to its highly qualified workforce. All employees have access to an extensive continuing education program to continuously hone their skills and develop professionally. Training the next generation of employees has been a long-standing tradition at the company. More than 170 young people are employed as apprentices at Optima every year.

Founded in 1922, the family owned and operated business is in its third generation and employs a workforce of 2,650 at its five sites in Germany and 19 locations abroad. In addition to its base in Germany, the company maintains branch offices in Italy, France, the UK, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, China, India and Malaysia. An export share of more than 85% is indicative of the company's international standing.

Management Personnel

  • Technical Sales Manager Dominic Walker

Products Supplied

For vials, bottles, syringes, & cartridges: cleaning, sterilization, filling, closing, labelling, Freeze Drying, loading/unloading systems, containment and secondary packaging

Filling technologies for liquids and powders - Rotary Piston, Peristaltic, Mass Flow, Time Pressure, Auger dosing, volumetric and micro dosing. CIP/SIP, disposable product paths, 100% weight control

Closing for crimp caps, screw cap, spray pumps and push on closures

Debagging of pre-sterilized components, E-Beam sterilization, isolators and containment solutions, turn key supplier
For all container types, handling, cleaning, filling, lidding, closing, labelling and cartoning.

Robotic solutions for a variety of applications
For instant foods, coffee, tea, milk powder, & nutritionals including capsules, jars, bottles and bags

Linear and rotary designs and modular concepts for flexibility and upgrading possibilities
For wound care, medical applications, transdermal dressings, oral film strips and pouch packaging

Assembly solutions for medical devices, bespoke solutions

Diagnostic applications for microplate processing, and reagent kit components
Stacking, grouping / bagging and wrapping solutions for paper hygiene and a variety of soft products

Bagging of extra large components
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OPTIMA packaging group GmbH:
has subsidiaries in: USA, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Great Britain, France, Italy, China, India and Malaysia.
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