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Partners in Packaging (Machine Systems) Ltd are leading UK Manufacturers and providers of bespoke product handling and feeding systems for individual items in stacks, bulk containers and batch produced trays.

UK manufactured stainless steel intermittent and continuous motion tray denester-placers, F Series Friction Feeder for Singulating and feeding cards and booklets, Streamfeeder Friction feeders, and Northfield Corporation bandolier style inserter-feeders.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director (Joint): Duncan Macintyre

Products Supplied

F Series Card and Sheet Friction Feeder:
Designed to singulate and feed flat products such as base cards and sheets. The F Series is the industry standard for feeding base cards in the bakery and morning goods industry
F Series Flowfold Base Card Feeder-Folder:
F-Series Friction Feeder fitted with an extended discharge specially designed to fold pre-scored flat cards and fold the side of the card to produce an L , C or U card shape.
A Series Tray Denesters:
A Series Pick and Place Denester. Intermittent motion, designed for maximum flexibility and will handle an extensive range of trays from single or multiple magazines
R Series Pick and Place denesters and lidders:
R Series Servo driven rotary Pick and Place Denester, designed for high speed picking and placing of shallow trays or flat items from single or multiple magazines
C Series Tray Denesters:
C Series Pick and Place Denester. Revolutionary new concept in tray denesting using twin servo driven rotary and intermittent motion designed for high speed picking and placing of deep trays from single or multiple magazines.
RL Series Lidder:
Utilising the R Series rotary pick and place tray and lid denester, designed for press fit lidding of stackable lids to a range of trays and pots. Compact solution for higher speeds, pick and placing of shallow lids.
AL Series Lidder:
AL Series intermittent Pick and Place Lidding Machine. Utilising the A Series intermittent motion denester designed for press fit lidding of stackable lids to a range of trays and pots. Designed to handle deeper lids with one or multiple magazine
AC Series Crashlock Carton Erector:
The AC Series Autolock crash lock carton erector is designed to automatically erect crash lock cartons and place them onto your production line.
RT Series Tip-on system:
The RT Series Machine is a four head Rotary Pick and Place designed for picking and placing sachets, cards and pouches onto a basecard or base sheet.
V Series:
The V Series is a simple variable speed vacuum base which can be fitted with an F Series friction feeder for feeding flat cartons / cards / sheets / booklets / leaflets / post cards / envelopes etc Items presented for printing using ink jet, thermal print, addressing, scanning or labelling
S Series stack to stack system:
The S-Series was designed to pick and place trays, buckets, pots etc so that they can either be labelled or a soak pad inserted into the trays before they are re-stacked into a given count
Northfield Corporation:
Bandolier inserters for continuously wrapped and perforated inserts, 2D and 3D promotional items.
Overseas Reps

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UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Northfield Corporation, USA:
Bandolier feeders for 2D and 3D products which are in a continuously wrapped and perforated bandolier format.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Flowfold
  • Northfield Corporation

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