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Penn Packaging was formed in 1996, and specialises in supplying a wide range of primary and secondary packaging equipment and other solutions to customers in many industrial markets such as Food, Beverage, Household Products and Personal Care.

Our Partners are some of Europe's leading packaging machinery manufacturers and enable us to provide total packaging solutions to meet the needs of modern production environments either as single units or part of turnkey installations.

Our sales team work closely with our Clients and our Partners to evaluate the project and propose solutions that meet all the customer's requirements and providing an excellent return on investment.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Mike Goodwin
  • Commercial Director: Julian Goodwin
  • Sales & Marketing Director: Miles Goodwin
  • Sales Manager Rebecca Clare

Products Supplied

Wrap-around tray/case packers:
The Meypack case packers of the VP Series are available as intermittent (cycled) or continuous motion machines. Maximum flexibility, compact design, stacking applications and the lowering principle are characteristic of the Meypack VP400 machine series.

The VP400 series is designed to pack products into wrap-around cases, trays and
trays with lids in particular.

Our Advantages:
- Proven Meypack lowering principle
- Packs in trays, tray/lid and wrap-around cases
- Stacks in the machine
- Space-saving, modular design
- Intelligent product infeed
- Optimum accessibility
Shrink-wrapping systems:
The Meypack shrink wrappers of the SW Series are available as both single and double roll shrink wrappers. Machine types of the SW Series that utilise the single roll technology stand out first and foremost due to their high productivity and simple handling. In addition, these types of machines enable the use of printed film in the entire output range. Both machine types are well suited for both shrink wrapping trays as well as loose products. They can be combined with Meypack’s packaging machines.
Wrap-around tray/lid packers:
The Meypack tray & lid packers of the VP Series are available as intermittent (cycled) or continuous motion machines. These are highly flexible machines capable of packing products in trays with lids, in a variety of styles.
Stretch Film wrapping systems:
The Meypack stretch-film technology is particularly useful when the customer’s priority is packaging purely for transport. The stretch-film wrappers of the FW Series continuously wrap and cut the formations at speeds of up to 60 cycles per minute. Without using any external energy, which is otherwise necessary for the shrink wrapping process in the shrink tunnel, the film is wrapped two to three times around the product formation. The machine can be equipped with a laser perforation system – the so-called “Easy Opening System”.
Tray-shrink packing systems:
The Meypack tray packers of the VP450 & 500 Series, due to their modular construction, can be combined with the SW Series and thereby offers the highest possible flexibility in packaging solutions for the most varied of applications.
The Meypack palletisers of the PK Series are layer palletisers designed to palletise packed products such as cases, trays or shrink wrapped packs. These palletisers are available with both low-level infeed and also high-level infeed, including the stack lift.
The Meypack depalletisers of the DL Series are layer depalletisers designed to depalletise containers such as cans, glass bottles or jars.
Pouch packing solutions:
SN Maschinenbau, specialise in manufacturing Form Fill Seal (FFS) and Fill Seal (FS) pouch packing machinery systems for a wide range of products and industrial applications. Form, fill and seal packaging machines for food, beverages, pet food, seeds, household products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals - SN is the ideal partner for all questions related to economical pouch packaging. SN supplies you with a customised FFS or FS machine, with dosing systems and associated accessories. Whatever your requirements are - SN pouch packaging machines fulfil them!
Labelling Solutions:
Regardless of whether you want to create sophisticated premium products or produce large yields, the RENNER S series provides maximum efficiency. Featuring:

Servo motors and visual alignment: wear-free alignment, ultimate precision and maximum flexibility:
- RENNER TouchPanel: easy to operate, minimum set-up times
- RENNER S Combi: a combination of wet adhesive, hot adhesive and PSL in line

With its new modular machine series RENNER S Modular, RENNER continues to focus its portfolio on flexibility and future reliability.

The machine series enables up to six units for a wide variety of gluing methods to be combined, depending on the size of the bottle table. The spectrum ranges from wet adhesive labelling to self-adhesive labelling and hot adhesive with pre-cut wrap-around labels (Pre-Cut) or from the roll (Rollfed). The simultaneous operation of up to five modules is possible in conjunction with an alignment unit.
Overseas Reps

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UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

MEYPACK Verpackungssystemtechnik GmbH:
Located near Muenster in Germany, Meypack produces machines with highly developed, proven-in-practice technology, a convincing degree of efficiency, high profitability and a fast, calculable return on investment.
SN Maschinenbau GmbH:
The global leader in horizontally operating FFS and FS rotary pouch packaging machines. Whether pharmaceutical products, food, pet food, cosmetics, drinks or household products: SN machines pack almost everything - even seeds and dairy products.
Renner Etikettiertechnik GmbH:
With 40 years of market experience, the most up-to-date technology and the highest quality standards have combined to make RENNER an indispensable player in the industry. We can offer you tailored expert advice, perfect labelling systems, intelligent detailed solutions and rapid service on a global scale – for RENNER and Krones, labelling machines.
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