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With a philosophy to provide high quality machinery from leading world wide suppliers, at the same time ensuring the highest standards of excellence in after sales service and customer support.

Management Personnel

  • Director: Dave Renninson
  • Director: Andy Bannister
  • Aftermarket Manager: Jodie Attwood
  • Company Secretary: Gerry Bannister
  • Sales Manager: Dave Wood
  • Marketing: Joan Renninson

Products Supplied

Tablet compression machinery:
From R&D to full Productions Presses.
Blister Packing lines:
Blister Packers, Cartoners & associated equipment.
Filling and Capping machines:
Aseptic and non aseptic Liquid lines, sterile powder filling. Capsule filling machines.
Horizontal & Vertical Cartoners:
Intermittent and continuous motion cartoners.
Strip Packing, Diagnostics & Customised machines:
Specialist 4 sided pouch machines for drug delivery.
Capsule/Tablet Counting machines:
Sachet & Stick packers:
Single to multilane Stick machines and 4 sided sachet machines.
Tray Erectors and Case Packers:
Top load tray and case packers. End load case packers. Wraparound tray & case packers. Gantry style Palletisers.
Compact Palletisers:
Gantry style compact pick and place Palletisers.
High speed layer palletisers:
Traditional type layer machinery.
Shrink Wrappers:
Medium speed twin reel sleeve wrappers. Single reel high speed shrink wrappers.
Plastic bottle Unscramblers:
Plastic bottle unscramblers and Orientators.
Vertical Cartoners:
For primary and end of line packaging.
Vial / Ampoule Inspection Machinery:
Inspection machinery for glass vials and ampoules, for leak detection, fill level and particulates.
Granulation, coating & Drying machinery:
Process equipment for Pharma and food.
Track & Trace serialisation:
From levels 1 to 5.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Romaco, Germany/Italy:
KILIAN - Tablet Presses, NOACK - Blister Packers, PROMATIC - Cartoners, SIEBLER - Strip Packers, MACOFAR - Filling machines, TECPHARM/INNOJET - Drying & granulation, MEDIPACK - Tablets into metal tubes.
OMAG, Italy:
Vertical Sachet and Stick packing machines. Single to multi lane with full GMP versions for Pharma as required.
Farmores, Italy:
Thermoforming machines specialising in the packaging of vials, ampoules, syringes, contact lenses.
Pace Packaging, USA:
Plastic Bottle Unscramblers and Orientators.
Shrink, Stretch Wrappers and Wraparound Case Packers.
Soft Group, Bulgaria:
Full package for Serialisation and Track & Trace.
Meduim to high speed case packing systems with Robotics
Lita, Italy:
Medium speed palletiser and depalletisers, using layer and gantry style pick and place
Europack, Italy:
Entry level column type pick n place palletisers for multiple applications but specialising in bags & sacks
OLI GmbH, Germany:
Tray Erectors, Case Packers and Compact gantry style Palletisers.
Tablet counting lines
Trade names

Trade names

  • Farmores
  • Kilian
  • Macofar
  • Noack
  • Oli
  • Omag
  • Pace
  • Promatic
  • Romaco
  • Siebler
  • Sotemapack
  • Innojet
  • Lita
  • Europack
  • Techpharm
  • Futurapack
  • CE King

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