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Pilz Automation Technology offers process and automation control products for use wherever there is a requirement to ensure the safety of plant or personnel. As an accredited inspection body, the Company also offers machine safety consultancy from initial plant or machine assessment through to engineering and final sign off. The Pilz training programme, which includes TÜV and City & Guilds certified courses, has taken a leading role for 30 years in educating the market with regard to safety legislation.

Pilz's experience, in-house expertise and breadth of product and service offerings enable their engineers to deliver harmonised and complete solutions that optimise both productivity and safety, either working independently or alongside a client's team. Projects can vary from single machines to complete plant overhauls; customers range from SME's to many high profile household names.

As ambassadors for safety, Pilz is also involved in numerous national and international committees - covering areas from development of industry standards through to current topics such as Industry 4.0 and Cyber Security - so that they can actively help to shape the future of industrial automation.

Management Personnel

  • General Manager: Steve Farrow
  • Product Manager: David Collier
  • Consulting and Training Manager: Jamie Walton
  • Engineering Manager: Richard Tye
  • Marketing Manager: Joanne Harris

Products Supplied

Control technology:
PNOZ Relays for electrical safety, Relays for functional safety, PNOZmulti Configurable control systems, Compact programmable control systems; Software platform PNOZmulti Configurator. PDP Decentralised periphery (remote I/O).
Automation system PSS4000:
Controller and I/O systems, Decentralised and remote I/O systems, Real-time Ethernet, Software platform PAS 4000.
Safety sensors:
PSEN Safety switches, Safe hinge switches, Safety gate systems, Safety light beams/curtains/grids, Camera-based protection and measuring systems, Radar-based protection zone monitoring, SafetyEYE 3D Safe camera systems, Safe rope pull switches.
Operator and visualisation systems:
PASvisu visualisation software, PMI Operator terminals, PIT Control and signal devices
SafetyBUS p Network components, SafetyNET p Industrial communication.
System software and tools, Application software including PAScal safety level calculator (for both EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061).
Consulting and Engineering:
Risk assessment; PUWER assessment, Safety concept; Safety design, System implementation, Safety validation, CE marking, International compliance services, Plant assessment, Inspection of Safeguards, Engineering Services, PRMS force and pressure measurement system for HRC.
Courses including City & Guilds and TÜV certified Machinery Safety Courses, Safety Design Incorporating EN ISO13849-1/EN 62061, Robot/HRC Safety.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Pilz Automation Technology:
is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pilz GmbH & Co KG, a family owned German company with global operations.
UK Reps

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Trade names

Trade names

  • PNOZ

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