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PLF International Ltd is renowned worldwide as a supplier of innovative machines and systems of the highest quality through to complete turnkey installations with full project management. All backed up with first class customer service and support.

Our innovative Atex approved filling systems can accommodate a wide range of powder and granular products for the Dairy, food, beverage, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical & household products industries, utilising a variety of filling applications, suitable for a wide range of non free-flowing and free-flowing powder and granular products.

The latest designs have the capability to fill containers by vacuum, generally for non-or semi-free flowing products such as infant formula and by volume for free-flowing and granular products. such as freeze dried and agglomerated coffee) - all on one machine The versatility of the machine enables it to handle a wide range of rigid containers from cans, jars, PET & composites. This concept gives the PLF customer the most flexible option yet for powder/granular filling.

Continued investment in R&D ensures design is at the forefront of the market worldwide. Machines range from single, twin and multi-head in line fillers, through to high-speed rotary filling machines with real-time production information and diagnostics, either stand alone and full turnkey production lines. They can be semi or fully automatic and are built so that performance can be enhanced to meet production demands. Each machine is fitted with individual head-update to ensure maximum accuracy and minimum giveaway.

At PLF we are aware that powders can be fragile and expensive with limited shelf life, so we produce machines which are gentle and extremely accurate. This can be combined with our unique, recycling in-line gassing system. PLF works closely with its customers incorporating complete project management of turnkey installation projects within its portfolio as well as the latest development of machines such as vacuum gassing seamers and flexible pouch VFFS systems to scoop inserters, vision systems, laser coding system, in-line gassing, high speed reject system and UV sterilisation applications.

PLF can offer a comprehensive solution to any requirement from single machine through to complex turnkey lines.

Recent developments include Vacuum gassing seaming technology incorporating a unique design avoiding product removal from the filled can, contaminated cam flanges effecting sealing and a significantly reduced gas consumption all associated with other systems currently available on the market.


Products Supplied

PLF Vacuum or Volumetric Powder Filling Machine:
Market leading range of inline and rotary vacuum filling and volumetric dosing systems for powders and granular products, incorporating low maintenance design with high accuracy.
PLF In-Line Nitrogen/CO2 Gas Flushing System:
Gassing systems both pre gas or post gas, dependant on project requirements to reduce oxygen levels and extend product shelf-life.
Vacuum Gassing seamer:
PLF Unique vacuum gassing seamer system for infant formula and similar products requiring a modified atmosphere sealed container, very low gas consumption and RO achieved below 1.0%
PLF Scoop Inserter:
Low maintenance system for insertion of scoops into containers/pouches.
PLF Laser Coder Systems:
A compact, reliable, low maintenance system Codes in variety of styles with no use of inks or fluids. Environmentally friendly and very cost-efficient.
PLF High Speed Reject System:
The system is ideally suited for glass and PET bottles, cans, jars, plastic containers and packaging in the beverage, food and non-food industries. Gentle, reliable, low maintenance system.
Project Management:
From a standalone filling machine or a fully integrated packaging line, PLF offers a comprehensive management service from initial concept and budget management, through to a validated line ready for commercial production.
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