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ProXES UK & Ireland Ltd are a subsidiary of the ProXES Group, manufacturers of the FrymaKoruma , Stephan Machinery, and Terlet processing equipment brands.

ProXES UK & Ireland supply new equipment and systems from the ProXES Group, and support existing customers with spare parts, servicing, retrofits and upgrades and process development and trials.

ProXES operate a modern, well equipped Process Technology Centre which is used for products trials and process development work.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director Andrew Strange
  • Sales Administrator: Mylene Wolfe

Products Supplied

FrymaKoruma Vacuum Processing Systems:
Using high shear mixing technology to produce emulsions, and suspensions of liquids and semi-solids applications in food, pharma, cosmetics, and healthcare.
FrymaKoruma Inline Equipment:
Inline High Shear Mixers, Inline Vacuum Deaerators.
FrymaKoruma Wet Milling:
Toothed Colloid Mills, Corundum Stone Mills, Perforated Disc Mills, and Bead Mills.
Spare parts, servicing, retrofits:
For Terlet, FrymaKoruma, and Van Meurs equipment and systems.
Process trials:
At the ProXES Technology Centres close to Basel and Hanover for Terlet and FrymaKoruma equipment.
Rental machines:
Trials or short term rentals of Terlet or FrymaKoruma equipment at customer sites.
ProXES Process Seminars:
Regular process seminars at the ProXES Technology Centre focusing on food emulsions (mayonnaise), sauces, cosmetics, toothpaste, chocolate.
Terlotherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger:
Vertical scraped surface heat exchanger for heating or cooling foods products which are sticky, viscous, or crystalline, or contain large particulates.
Terlet Processing Vessels:
Stainless steel hygienic designs for heating, cooling, and mixing. Vertical & horizontal vessels, agitation from top or bottom. Unique designs for reduced cooking or cooling times, and jam/fruit applications.
Terlet Batch or Continuous Process Lines:
Full turnkey processing lines for sauces and other liquid food products using Terlet processing vessels and Terlotherm scraped surface heat exchangers for continuous heating and cooling of product.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Vacuum processing systems, wet milling, inline high shear mixers, and vacuum deaeration equipment for food, home and personal care, pharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals.
Terlotherm scraped surface heat exchanger; batch processing equipment; batch and continuous processing systems for jam/fruits, sauces, dairy, confectionery products, baby food, ready meals and soups; vacuum gassing system for powders in cans; Van Meurs bag-in-box liquid filling systems.
Trade names

Trade names

  • FrymaKoruma
  • Terlet
  • Terlotherm
  • Van Meurs
  • Fryma
  • Koruma

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