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QUBBER manufactures high-tech industrial machine vision systems, specialized in detecting defected products and preventing them from reaching the end consumers. We provide integrated quality control solutions for a wide range of industries such as: bottling, dairy, brewery, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and non-consumer products. Based on our Machine Vision platform "QUBBER EYEQ" and PC-based, multi-camera architecture our systems consist of a flexible solution for ultra high-speed production lines, all at a high cost-benefit ratio. Our systems are also covered by an extented warranty of 12 or 18 months and a total support package 24/7.


Products Supplied

ATRAX series:
A wide range of systems specialized in detecting flaws in plastic and glass bottles of water, beverages and food (beer, oil, dairy etc.). A profitable solution and at the same time a trustworthy (credible) investment ensuring the quality of the final product.
Highly accurate vision system for seal and bottom inspections of PET preforms. Detecting flaws up to 55,000 preforms/ hour.
All inspections in one system. The only distributed - camera vision system in Europe capable of multiple inspections regarding printing, shape, color etc. due to its impressive ever-expanding toolbox.
The fastest printing presence detection in the market. Suitable for beer, beverage and food production lines up to 110,000 cans/ hour.
Reading and verifying printed characters with OCR/ OCV technology by a powerful vision system. Specialized in high speed production lines (beverage, beer, food…), labelling machines and packaging lines with operating performance up to 90,000 cans/ hour.
An extremely efficient inspection system that detects imperfections and pinholes on sidewalls, neck and thread of empty HDPE bottles. Completely automated for easy integration into existing production lines with operating performance up to 24,000 bottles/ hour.
Q-LABEL 360:
A 360-degree label inspection and date/ lot verification system on full non-oriented bottles at bottling lines up to 55,000 bottles/ hour.
A compact vision system, specifically designed for installation inside labelling machines, inspecting for label presence and alignment on cylindrical water, beverage and drink containers. Operating performance up to 72,000 containers/ hour.
i-CAN 2000/ 3000:
Compact or modular vision system detecting in detail and accuracy, foreign objects and defects on the seal, bottom and inner sidewalls of can containers. Suitable for beer, beverage and food lines up to 60,000 containers/ hour.
An extremely accurate vision system complying with the pharmaceutical industry's specifications. Specialized in detecting missing ampoules and ampoules without labels in blisters. Able to accomplish the correct orientation motive in production lines up to 18,000 blister/ hour.
The optical inspection system inspecting accurately for the upper surface defects, shape and printing presence of Tetra Pak containers. Operating performance up to 18,000 items/ hour.
A flexible system inspecting thoroughly for open caches, cardboard boxes and cardboard discs for missing products, caps presence/color and logo integrity. Operating performance up to 180 items/ minute.
Rejection devices complete this range of systems. They are compact, small size, stainless steel, rejection valves completely compatible with our systems. Integration on production lines rejecting from 30,000 to 80,000 products/ hour. Finally this range is completed by other auxiliaries such as air bridges removing excess water drops from the bottles and rotating HMI consoles.
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