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RARUK Automation are specialists in the supply of innovative automation products designed to enhance productivity across all industries.

From Collaborative Robots (cobots) , and Autonomous Mobile Robots through to traditional Industrial Robots, linear axis and controls, or complete turnkey solutions, our product programme allows us to provide OEM's, systems integrators and manufacturers with a unique range of standard and customised automation solutions to meet their needs.

Our highly-qualified automation team operate from Shefford, Bedfordshire, where we have a dedicated lab for feasibility studies and a fully operational showroom.

We are also proud to a certified Universal Robots Training Academy where we run all UR training module courses.

We are on hand to offer technical and commercial guidance and expertise to customers across the UK.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Peter Williamson
  • Operations Director: Darren Reynolds
  • Automation Sales Manager: Andrew Mason
  • Automation Sales Support: Teresa Reynolds
  • Marketing Manager Camilla Williamson

Products Supplied

Collaborative Robots (COBOTS) and Plug & Play Accessories:
6 Axis cobot robotic arm, Adaptive electronic robot grippers, vacuum grippers, sanding kit, wrist camera, 3D vision, force-torque sensors, tool changing kits, robotic palletising systems, fluid dispensing solutions, bin picking, screwdriving solutions, and intuitive on and offline robot programming.
Industrial Robots:
6 axis robotic arm, SCARA robots, and Cartesian robots.
Mobile Robots (AMRs):
Ideal for both warehouse and logistics automation, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are the perfect solution to automate your internal transportation and logistics, either at the end-of-line or in warehouse applications. Customise your MiR robot to optimise your transportation requirements with a variety of flexible plug&play solutions, from Top Modules to UV-C.
Automation Technology:
Robotic storage solutions, Factory Automation systems using Linear Slides and Control, Precision Linear Systems, Manual Slides, Tray Handlers, Palletising Machines, and Servo Presses.
Feeding Systems:
Bowl feeders, Vibratory bowl feeders, Spring disentangling, Flexible feeders.
Robot Grippers:
Adaptive electronic robot grippers and vacuum grippers.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Universal Robots, Denmark:
Range of 6 Axis collaborative robot arms that allow you to automate virtually anything - from gluing, screw driving and mounting to pick & place and packaging.
Robotiq, Canada:
Plug & Play end of arm robot solutions including: grippers, force torque sensor, vision system, sanding kits, palletising solutions, bin picking.
MiR, Denmark:
A new generation of advanced Mobile Industrial Robots, for the automation of internal transport and logistics solutions.
ROEQ, Denmark:
Top Modular solutions for MiR AMRs including: Rollers, Cart solutions, Racks and Lifters
Pick-It 3D, Belgium:
Pick-it is a user-friendly and flexible plug and play 3D vision system for robots. It is perfect for automating nearly any picking task of different shapes, materials and size that need to be placed and fed into a machine or process.
SmartShift Robotics, Denmark:
SmartShift is a revolutionary add-on that makes automated tool changing simple on virtually any type of robot.
YouRing, Italy:
A smart, programmable device which can easily be mounted to the robot tool flange to give visual and audible information on robot status.
MAFU Automation GmbH, Germany:
Pre-disentangling and feeding of hard-to-disentangle bulk goods. Vibratory bowl feeders.
EffiMat, Denmark:
Whether it’s for automated storage or high-speed order picking optimisation, EffiMat® Storage Technology solutions provide efficient day-to-day management and intelligent storage across your entire order picking process.
EasyRobotics, Denmark:
Compact, modular robot cell that can be moved between production and processing machines to increase productivity and EasyPalletizer robotic box palletising and depalletising.
Enabled Robotics, Denmark:
RARUK Automation is able to offer a unique robotic UV-C solution to the UK market. The UVx1 is an automatic UV-C light solution designed for the disinfection of bacteria and virus hotspots, reducing the majority of viruses and bacteria by 99.9%.
FlexiBowl, Italy:
An automatic bulk parts feeding system which allows entire families of parts to be fed into the assembly process.
IEF Werner GmbH, Germany:
Automation Machinery, Linear systems and control, Precision Linear and Rotary stages. Palletising machines.
Shibaura Machines, Japan:
Industrial robot range including 6 axis robot arm, range of SCARA robots and Cartesian robots.
Trade names

Trade names

  • aiPRESS
  • ecoSTACK
  • euroLINE
  • FlexiBowl
  • ProFeeder
  • profiLINE
  • Robotiq
  • varioSTACK
  • YouRing
  • Pick-it 3D
  • EffiMat
  • EasyPalletizer
  • Universal Robots
  • MiR
  • Shibaura Machine
  • SmartShift
  • Ubiros
  • Aim Robotics
  • ROEQ
  • IEF Werner
  • MAFU
  • EffiMat

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