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Manufacturers and suppliers of Quality Control Test Equipment associated with the flexible packaging industry. Measuring properties such as: Heat Seal-ability, Seal Strength, Coefficient of Friction, Hot Tack, Oxygen Permeation, Water Vapour Transmission rate, Leak Testing & Seal Integrity, Colour and Black & White Densitometry, Analytical and Digital Balances, Crease & Board Stiffness Testing, Ink Rub Testing, Drop Testing, Film Shrinkage, Gelbo Flex Tester, Oxygen Analysers for Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Sample Preparation & much more. Now including On-line Seal Inspection Systems to 100% inspect seal quality.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: David Murrell
  • Technical Director: Mike James
  • Sevice Manager: Dave Lenton
  • Sales Director: Phil Neal

Products Supplied

Laboratory Heat Sealers:
Establishes heat seal threshold of flexible packaging materials.
Coefficient of Friction Testers:
Determines the slip properties of flexible packaging materials.
Tensile/Seal Strength Testers:
Measures the strength of seals and tensile strength of films.
O2 TR Permeation:
Measures oxygen permeation of flexible barrier film.
WVTR Permeation:
Measures water vapour permeation of flexible barrier film.
Hot Tack Testers:
Determines the hot tack seal strength of flexible packaging mat.
Leak Testers:
Determines the seal integrity of closed pouches/bags.
Oxygen Analysers:
Measures the oxygen content of MAP packages.
Bubble Tester:
Visual leak tester.
CO2 TR Permeation:
Measures Carbon dioxide of barrier films and packages.
100% on-line seal inspection.
TMI Instruments:
Range of paper and board test equipment.
Adam Balances:
Analytical and digital balances.
Ametek - Mocon:
Leak testers.
Gelbo Flex Tester:
Evaluation of flex durability of films / laminates to repetitive strain.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Ametek - Mocon:
Minneapolis, USA
Appleby Instruments:
South Africa
Ametek - Mocon:
Neuwied, Germany
P A C T Ltd:
Cairo, Egypt
Hemetek Ltd:
Mumbai, India
Sigma Micron Ltd:
St Petersburg, Russia
Sure Marketing:
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Ametek-Mocon, USA:
Manufacturers of OTR & WVTR permeation equipment. Also oxygen analysers.
Ametek-Mocon, Germany:
Manufacturers of positive pressure and vacuum leak testers.
Tobias Inc, USA:
Manufacturers of B&W colour measuring densitometers.
Adam Equipment, England:
Manufacturers of analytical & digital balances.
Cerulean, England:
Whole pack stiffness and crease tester.
TMI Instruments Inc:
Range of paper and board testing instruments.
Messmer Buchel:
Specialist manufacturer and supplier of quality control equipment designed to meet the needs of the pulp, paper and corrugated industries.
Manufactures the Chalmers DST, which is considered to be the most superior corrugated board testing instrument.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Oxtran
  • Permatran

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