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Management Personnel

  • General Manager: Natalie Glover
  • Director: Llewelyn Rees
  • Technical Sales: Gareth Pugh

Specialising in Collaborative Robots, Reeco provides automation solutions from concept right through to final design and integration. As Omron's UK Solution Partner for Collaborative Robots, we aim to develop solutions that address real world production challenges and deliver real manufacturing value.

We are invested in researching and developing the next wave of Cobot Automation Solutions, with the introduction of products such as the RB1200 Cobot palletiser; a market ready palletising solution, offering superior production flexibility to its palletising predecessors.


Products Supplied

RB1200 Cobot Palletiser:
RB1200 is a flexible palletising system which can be deployed and re-deployed rapidly. The system features 'Easy Stack' visual software for simple pallet building, no training required. Cost reduction of up to 50% and a 60% smaller footprint when compared to conventional palletisers.
CP1200 Case Packer:
Offering an output of 1200 cycles an hour, the CP1200 is a compact alternative to traditional packing systems, drastically reducing the required floor space. Suitable for packing Trays, SRP's, Pouches, Bottles, Boxes, Cans, Bags and much more.
Case Erectors:
Fully automatic and semi-automatic case erectors for high and low speed packing lines, outputs of up to 30 cases per minute. Case erectors come as both tape and hotmelt glue sealing for different requirements.
Case Sealers:
Standard or random case sealing, with semi-automatic and fully-automatic operation. Case sealers are available with tape and hotmelt glue for different requirements.
Autonomous Mobile Robots:
Perfect for any internal logistics operations such as warehousing or end of line processes. Ranging from payloads of 60kg up to 1500kg, the LD/HD range of mobile robots covers application opportunities across all industries.
Bowl Feeders:
Feed rate of up to 100pcs a min, our Bowl Feeders range from 300 - 1000mm bowls and can be tooled to suit your products. Made from stainless steel, the bowls are lined with a rubber coating to dampen sound and reducing wear over time.
Cobots, Grippers & Bases:
As well as integration, we offer the supply of standard Cobots along with a range of Stands, Grippers and other End of Arm Tooling for quick set up.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Macedonia: + 389 (0)2 309 55 93
- DEMAN are a Reeco approved partner and European Distributor of the RB1200 Palletiser within: Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria.
Ireland: +353 1 4678303
- ATC Automation are a Reeco approved partner and European Distributor of the RB1200 Palletiser within Ireland.
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Omron Industrial Automation:
Collaborative Robots, Safety Scanners, HMI's, PLC's.
Screw Feeders & Hoppers.
Trade names

There are no trade names descriptions registered for this organisation

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