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RM Sealers are the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality hermetic bag and pouch sealing machines.
Offering a complete range of reliable Heat Sealing and Bag Closing Machinery used by many of the world's best known brands who rely on our bag sealers to get the job done with peace of mind, time after time.

Our range of bag sealers include high speed continuous Rotary Band Sealers, previously sold under the Doboy, SIG and Bosch names and running at up to 12 metres per minute, through to manually operated bench-top Impulse Sealers.

Because RM Sealers design and manufacture the equipment themselves, bespoke solutions to meet individual customer requirements are available.

The Rotary Band Heat Sealers incorporate fully variable speed and temperature controls producing a high quality hermetic seal on all heat sealable materials. Optional features such as integral conveyors, floor stands, coders and bag trimmers, are available.


Products Supplied

RMB-VC Rotary Band Bag and Pouch Sealing Machine:
Vertical Bag Sealing Machine. Continuous rotary band heat seal up to 12 metres per minute. With or without integral conveyor. Powered height adjustable column to the sealing head. Optional extras available such as coders, trimmers and ink jet printers.
RMB-HC Rotary Band Heat Sealing Machine:
Horizontal Bag and Pouch Sealing Machine. Continuous rotary band heat seal up to 12 metres per minute. Better suited for flatter, non-bulky products. The optional integrally driven conveyor supports the bag through the sealing process.
RMB Bench Top Rotary Band Heat Sealing Machine:
Bench Top Bag and Pouch Sealer. Continuous rotary band heat seal. Suitable for lower volume products. Has all the features of our established range of Rotary Sealers and comes with a tiltable bench stand.
RMI Impulse Heat Sealing Machine:
Bench Top Impulse, or Clamp, Bag Sealers aimed at the smaller end of the bag sealing market. Ideal for many applications. Bag sealing width 450mm as standard, other widths optional.
Doboy 'BD', SIG & Bosch Rotary Band Heat Sealers:
Manufactured by RM Sealers for Doboy (later SIG and Bosch) BD Range of Bag Closing machines. We continue to offer a full spare parts, service, and refurbishment service for all these machines still in use today.
Manufactured in the United Kingdom:
Our RM Rotary Band Sealers have been proudly manufactured in house by ourselves for over 45 years. Thus, we can bespoke the machines to suit your application.
Service, spares and maintenance:
We supply the whole range of spares for our in-house manufactured machines, including those previously sold under the Doboy, Sig and Bosch names. Servicing and maintenance support also offered, either at your premises or ours, and by telephone where suitable.
Mechanical Engineering Services:
We are also able to offer the following services:
* Design and Prototype development
* One off items/Small batch production
* Assembly
* Finished processing
* CNC Machining and Turning
* Drilling and Tapping
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We are represented globally:
Please contact the UK office for your local sales office, or visit our website at www.rmsealers.co.uk
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Trade names

Trade names

  • Doboy
  • SIG

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