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Founded in 1997 and privately owned, Rotech Machines is a leading UK coding and marking systems and consumables provider to the packaging industry.

Our wide range of offline and online coding systems have been shipped worldwide and suit a diverse range of printing applications within the food, pharma, medical, cosmetic and industrial industries.

Our expansive knowledge of the packaging industry and the printing technologies used, coupled with our ability to design and build systems in-house, means that we can work closely with our customers to provide them with the coding solution that best meets their needs whilst maintaining a high level of professional, ongoing support.

We pride ourselves in being a family business, where the term family not only refers to the relations between several of our employees but also the close relationship we have as a team and the goals we share. We work together with our core values of knowledge, innovation and integrity firmly in mind.

Our modest size and hands-on approach also enables us to apply our engineering knowledge and skills to coding and marking problems that larger companies might not want to take on.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Chris Baker
  • Director: Richard Pether
  • Marketing Executive: Kirsty Burrage
  • UK Sales Manager: Steve Ryan

Products Supplied

RF Lite Sleeve Coder:
The RF Lite is a simple, low-cost offline coding system; ideal for companies looking to automate their date marking process for the first time. It also suits larger operators who are looking to install dedicated marking systems on multiple production lines.
RF Auto:
The RF Auto is an operator friendly, heavy duty, high speed, food sleeve, carton and bag coding system.

Due to patented auto gating technology, the RF Auto automatically adjusts to accommodate varying thicknesses of product leading to reduced set up time and waste.

Simple controls and the use of quick set hopper guides keep downtime to a minimum.
Maintenance-free Thermal Inkjet Printers:
Reliable, easy-to-use, low-cost thermal inkjet printers offer the ideal solution for high-quality coding and marking onto a range of packaging types.

Thermal inkjet is an ideal replacement for thermal transfer and continuous inkjet, particularly for for those looking to print customised information such as date codes, barcodes, batch numbers and simple graphics on demand.
RF1 Feeder:
The most versatile model in the range, The RF1 feeding system is capable of handing a wide range of packaging in it's flat form, most notably thin items such as blister cards, medical pouches and Tyvek lidding material, making it an ideal standalone coding, marking or labelling system when fitted with a printer and/or labeller.

Continuous operation of the feeder gives very high throughput rates at deceptively low machine speeds.
RF Compliance:
With the ability to generate, print and verify serialised 2D codes on to a range of packaging formats, the RF Compliance offers an instant, reliable and easy-to-use solution for pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers who need to comply with the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

The system comes complete with a full validation package, a reject system, for automatic removal of reject cartons and a shingling (accumulation) conveyor to maintain high throughput.

Integral inspection of printed information and pharmacode verifies that datamatrix codes and human readable information, such as expiry dates and lot codes are correct.

To ensure superior print quality that meets the ISO/IEC 15415 quality specification the RF Compliance is supplied with a thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer as standard.
RF Pouch:
The RF Pouch offers the ideal solution for the automatic feeding of resealable pouches, polybags and asymmetric products.

Using vacuum (pick and place) technology, the RF Pouch can transport a wide range of pouches and other flexible packaging. The system picks a product from a stack, places it onto a conveyor for printing and/or labelling before transferring the marked pack neatly onto another stack, ready for collection.

Continuous operation of the feeder gives very high throughput rates at deceptively low machine speeds.
RF Case:
The RF Case offers the ideal solution for the automatic feeding of outer case packaging (boxes) in their flat form.

The RF Case has been designed to handle a range of outer case secondary packaging. Its twin conveyor design allows for the easy separation of boxes onto the conveyor, so they can be individually printed or labelled, ready for operator removal.

Continuous operation of the feeder gives very high throughput rates at deceptively low machine speeds.
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