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Established in 1934, Russell Finex is a global leader in the industrial manufacture of innovative sieving, separation, and filtration technology. With 85 years’ experience, the company has provided a variety of solutions to businesses, improving their production process and the quality of their powders and liquids. Russell Finex’s range of products include the Russell Compact Sieve®, the Finex Separator™, to the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® range, and Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding units.

Serving many different industries, including food and beverage, coatings, pharmaceutical, recycling, ceramics, metal powders and additive manufacturing, Russell Finex’s expertise and range of equipment is well placed to offer the best sieving, separation, and filtration solution. Furthermore, every machine can be customized to fit your exact requirements, providing an innovative, versatile solution for your processing line no matter your application’s needs.

With ‘Customer Trust, a Russell Must’ an ethos at the heart of the company, Russel Finex provides a truly global service for our customers, identifying and solving their processing problems with the highest quality solutions. Discover how this experience and longevity can improve your processing line’s quality and productivity today.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Ray Singh
  • UK Sales Manager: Richard Baker
  • Sales & Marketing Director: Martin Chipperfield
  • Technical Manager: Miriam Chong

Products Supplied

Vibratory Sieves: Russell Compact Sieve® Range (UK):
Available from 250mm to 1200mm, a high performance and high capacity, easy cleaning vibratory sieve unit, ideal for production lines with limited headroom. Offers total containment of dust and harmful particles, and efficient removal of oversize contamination.
Industrial Filters: Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® Range (UK):
Highly versatile unit, which allows for reliable and continuous filtration down to 10 microns. Offers a totally enclosed self-cleaning filtration process with a range of available models. Improves product quality and reduces waste costs, with a reusable filter element, minimizing contamination and limiting production stoppage.
Grading Sieve Finex Separator™ (UK):
Designed for accurate sizing, grading, check-screening, and dewatering of wet or dry materials up to five fractions. Improves product capacity and both sieving capacity and accuracy versus standard spring separators. Available in four sizes from 30”, 40”, 48” and 60”.
Vibrasonic® Deblinding Systems (UK):
Able to be retrofitted to any new or existing vibrating sieve, this system applies ultrasonic frequency to eliminate blinding and blocking of the mesh. Increases product throughput and allows for powder to be sieved on finer meshes down to 20 µm, reducing cleaning time and increasing mesh life.
High Containment Industrial Sifter Compact Airlock Sieve™:
Incorporating the patented TLI (twist, lock, and inflate) airlock clamping system, this unit accurately removes oversize contamination to provide optimum sifting performance. Achieves OEL levels of less than 1µg/m3 in dependent (SMEPAC) tests, reducing dust and improving operator health and safety.
Centrifugal Separator: Liquid Solid Separator™:
High-capacity separator, idea for processing soft, oversized solids from liquid. Achieves high capacity separation on fine meshes, down to 30 micron, and is capable of handling high flow rates up to 100,000l/hr.
AM Powder Handling: Russell AMPro® Sieve Station range:
All units designed to promote optimum sieving efficiency, from small maintenance batches of powder to full production scale. A fully flexible, comprehensive range that can be used for powder handling tasks at every stage of the AM industry, designed to recover, reuse, and recycle AM powders.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Russell Finex Naamloze Vennootschap:
Europe Central +32 (0) 15 27 59 19
Russell Finex Sieves & Filters India:
India +91 8800558656
Russell Finex Inc:
North & South America. +1 704 588 9808
Russell Finex Scandinavia:
+46 10 884 48 06
Russell Finex Spain:
+34 911 23 77 23
Russell Finex Germany:
+49 221 98257015
Russell Finex France:
+33 3 57 48 05 72
Russell Finex China:
+86 21 64264030
Russell Finex Brazil:
+55 11-4950-9237
UK Reps

There are no UK Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

Trade names

Trade names

  • Blow Thru Sieve™
  • Finex 22™
  • Finex Separator™
  • Compact 3in1 Sieve™
  • Compact Airlock Sieve™
  • Compact Airswept Sieve™
  • Compact Sieve®
  • Eco Filter®
  • Eco Separator®
  • Hygiene Filter™
  • Liquid Solid Separator™
  • Mini Sifter
  • Spiroscreen™
  • Vibrasonic®
  • AMPro®

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