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Schubert UK is a subsidiary of Gerhard Schubert GmbH and provides comprehensive sales, customer services and technical support across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Schubert specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of end of line robotic packaging machinery for use in the food, confectionery, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

With over 50 years' experience in robotic packaging machinery, Schubert has developed a range of machines designed to save space, improve access and reduce changeover times while remaining engineer and operator friendly.

Launched in 2002 by Gerhard Schubert GmbH, the TLM series has now become well established as a market leader. TLM machines are designed with the production environment in mind. They provide fast, efficient, reliable performance and ease of use, with a minimal footprint. By utilising modular design techniques and streamlining the manufacturing process, these 'tailor-made' robotic applications fulfil all production and efficiency requirements.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Mark Stepney

Products Supplied

Adaptable vision-guided robotic station for picking products and loading trays/cartons/cases.
Flexible top loading packaging system used for carton/case erecting, loading and closing.
Lightline Series Machines:
Combines the traditional Schubert machine flexibility and innovation in a preconfigured 'lighter' series of machines. This series includes Pickerlines,
Pickerlines with integrated Schubert Flowrappers, and Cartoners delivered 'ready to go' with an almost vertical ramp up into production.

As the Lightline machines are preconfigured, they can be delivered sooner than a standard TLM and would suit a reduced budget.
TLM Flowmodul:
The world's first fully integrated packaging machine for flow-wraps, delivering a highly flexible solution
TLM Thermoforming:
Forming, filling and sealing. Combining ultrasonic sealing, perforating and punching with continuous motion.
TLM Palletiser:
Space saving due to full integration with cartoner case packers.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Schubert North America LLC:
Charlotte, USAT: +1 980-244-3140
Schubert Packaging Automation Inc.:
Mississauga, Canada T: +1 905 282 0400
Schubert Packaging Systems GmbH:
Crailsheim T: +49 7951 4940
Selpack Automation Pty. Ltd.:
Australia T: +61 29 5 85 88 11
Schubert Verpackungsservice GmbH:
Crailsheim T: +49 7951 4000
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Gerhard Schubert GmbH, Germany:
Robotic Packaging systems.
Trade names

Trade names

  • F2:
  • F3:
  • F44:
  • Flowmodul:
  • P:
  • T-400:
  • T-800:
  • TLM:
  • Transmodul:
  • Lightline:

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