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Sealpac UK & Partners – over 25 years’ experience serving the food industry.

Sealpac UK & Partners offers bespoke, full line solutions designed to future-proof your operations and keep up with customer demands. We focus on carbon neutral solutions that are based on the three core principles of the circular economy: reduction, reuse and recycling.

To ensure our customers invest in the right equipment, we deliver and project manage the installation of the full production line – from packaging to weighing/processing to end of line inspection and QA.

We are exclusive distributors in the UK for our key Partners, including:
- Sealpac (Tray sealers and Thermorformers),
- Cabinplant (weighing and packaging),
- Belca (Flowrappers and shrink wrapping)
- Raytec Vision (optical sorters)
- SHEFF (automated pick and place)
- Leonhardt (Liquid, Pasta, Noodle or Mash depositors)
- MIVEG (Automatic stick inserter for skewering)
- Saccardo (Vacuum packers, Inline automatic, Swing top semi-automatic)
- Carsoe (Denesters)

Sealpac UK & Partners reduce plastic for the last 4 years
At Sealpac UK & Partners, we have strategically focused on reducing plastic for the last two years by focusing on carbon neutral solutions for our customers. We have tried and tested solutions that help our existing Sealpac customers to keep up with today’s customer demands.
We have 5 pioneering plastic-reducing and recyclable solutions within one Sealpac tray sealer:
1. Easylid ® – specific for delicate food and provides savings across the entire chain
2. 75% reduced plastic by using Flatskin ®,vs. alternative leading packaging solution
3. 100% recyclable – Monoplastic trays can be placed in every day household recycling
4. 75% reduction over plastic and 100% recyclable – Foil can also be used on a Sealpac machine
5. New for 2021 - FlatMap packaging for 75% plastic reduction for sliced meats and cheeses under modified atmosphere

“The biggest change in the last 10 years is roughly 60%-70% reduction in the thickness and volume of materials. The quality of trays has exponentially improved – and this means an increased need for accurate and high-quality tray sealing equipment. Thankfully, with a Sealpac machine, we have already been supporting the circular economy for many years and we are able to keep up with emerging packaging solutions.”
– Kevin Witheford, Managing Director

Based on customer data from our world class after sales service we have:
- Our first customers report Sealpac machines still function at optimal levels over 15-20 years later
- 60% less engineering call outs due to preventative maintenance
- 23% savings on labour costs
- 20% less spent on spares
- Continuing Professional Development training to upskill staff
- Provision of after-sales service contracts to minimise downtime

“Since mid-2016, we have implemented the SEALPAC UK preventative service package. A recent internal review carried out by ourselves has highlighted that the service costs have nearly been neutralised by the drop-in breakdown repair/parts costs. The impact on the business is that downtime on the machines has become minimal to insignificant.” - Existing Customer of 10 years.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Kevin Witheford
  • Sales Director: Kevin Jones
  • Product Manager: Gary Tufnell
  • Finance and HR Manager: Mark Parris

Products Supplied

Tray Sealers:
Comprehensive range of tray sealers from semi automatic, medium and high speed machines. Compatible with 20+ different packaging applications, including board, plastic, foil, pulp and bio materials, seal only, MAP, Tray Skin, product protrusion, flat board, inside cut and outside cut. Vacuum pumps, gas mixers and thermal transfer coding available.
Comprehensive range of thermoformers from start up to high speed machines. Applications include seal only, MAP, vacuum packing and profile cutting. Vacuum pumps, gas mixers and coding available.
Multihead Weighing:
Cabinplant is a world leading provider of tailor-made processing and weighing/handling solutions for wet, sticky, fragile and otherwise hard-to-handle products. Range of solutions available to reduce labour requirements and product give away.
A range of denesters for compact and simple machines, stand alone or part of a line. Portion to packs, mince automatically loaded into trays and/or burgers. Fastest available.
Many different types of machines sat over an in feed of existing Sealpac tray sealers. Liquid, pasta, noodle or mash.
Linear weighers:
Small weighing machines that sit directly over working conveyor height for sticky/fresh products, low speed to replace 2 people.
Pick and Place Robotic Machines:
Small, stand alone robots to replace an operator. Pick and place system works on 3 dimensions so can pick from a randomly sorted bin and place with precision.
A complete range of flowrappers with top and bottom film feed. Automatic and manual infeed conveyors and coding options. Packing for all sectors starting at entry level up to full automation.
End of line Quality Control
A range of metal detectors, checkweighers, vision and Xray inspection with automated software for reporting and traceability.
Xray inspection quality control:
Xray and vision inspection for all product inspection upstream on open product before sealing and sealed packs at end of line for quality control.
Xray checks all foreign bodies from fine fish bone to metal, glass plastic and ceramics. Vision and seal inspection, top and bottom of packs. OEE reporting. Traceability software.
Vacuum packers:
Vacuum packers, taking pre-made light gauge plastic bags, loading and vacuum sealing mainly primary meat packing and cheese blocks. Inline automatic, Swing top semi-automatic.
Slicing and portioning
Automatic slicers and portioners for meat, fish, poultry and dairy products.
Optional pick and place and automatic loading.
Service Support and Training:
Training for operators, Supervisors and technicians on site or at the Sealpac UK office. 24 hours spares and spares packages available.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Sealpac GmbH:
Traysealers, Denesters, Thermoformers, filling equipment, lidders.
Processing and weighing/handling solutions.
Depositors, Linear Weighers.
Flowrappers, Shrink wrappers.
High speed skewers, meat processing.
Pick and Place automation.
FT System
Metal detector, checkweigher, Xray, software.
Raytec Vision:
Optical Sorting and Inspection.
Vacuum packers, Inline Automatic, Swing top semi-automatic.
Slicers, portioning, pick and place.
Nippon Career Industries
High spedd slicing.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Cabinplant
  • Carsoe
  • RayTec Vision
  • Sixpak
  • Saccardo
  • Leonhardt
  • Belca
  • Borncut
  • FT System
  • Nippon Career Industries

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