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Built on over 30 years of tradition and quality, Shemesh Automation has become synonymous with innovation and is home to powerful engineering, design and technology.

Experts in the development, design and manufacturing of fully automatic packaging, filling, capping, sealing and labelling machines for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, beauty-care, biotech, nonwovens, chemical, and food and beverage industries, Shemesh are proud to have over 1000 machines in operation worldwide.

Our unique offering includes a full range of solutions, as well as full application, global support and customer service. Whether it is a single machine, Monoblock or a complete turnkey production line, everything we do is tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries.

Partnering with Shemesh Automation, our customers don’t simply get a machine, but the support, experience, knowledge, reliability and integrity of a company who are at the forefront of automation.

Management Personnel

  • CEO: Shai Shemesh

Products Supplied

SA's fully automatic and semi automatic dosers & fillers for liquid and viscose have been been relentlessly servicing our global respected list of clients in the food, cosmetics and chemicals industries since 1990. Throughputs offered in the 1,000 -12,000 pph range. Strict waste management, minimum downtime and space design, safety, product protection, operational flexibility and long-term reliability are in the core DNA of our product portfolio and engineering mindset.
Fully and semi automatic capping and crimp machines for screw caps, snap on caps, twist lock caps, plugging, pump sprays, trigger caps, crimp sealing and more. The SHEMESH AUTOMATION cappers have been servicing our global respected clientele in the food, health & beauty and chemicals industries relentlessly since 1990. Throughputs are offered in the 1,000 -12,000 pph range. Strict waste management, minimum downtime and space design, safety, product protection, operational flexibility and long-term reliability are in the core DNA of our product portfolio and engineering mindset.
Shemesh Automation offers a wide range of versatile and fully programmable seal, seal-fill, or seal-fill-cap machines in either in-line or monoblock configurations with throughputs in the 1,000-12,000 pph range. The sealers are offered as either as Cut & Seal solution to seal and cut film coming from a reel or as a seal only solution from pre cut lids. Products can be formed cups (made of PS, PP, PET, APET CPET, aluminum and coupled cardboard), trays, bags or containers (made of plastic, glass and metal). Solutions are available in sealing only or with vacuum/gas facilities to extend the product shelf life.
Top notch self-adhesive equipment from food to pharmaceuticals. Offerings available in throughputs of 1,000-40,000 pph and in a precision of less then one third of a mm. For over a decade, SHEMESH AUTOMATION has been in a successful joint venture with HERMA Germany whereby a continuous development of robust machines designed with top of the class Herma applicators resulted in robust machines positioned in the forefront of the industry.
Any function featuring feeding, filling, capping, double-capping weighing, labeling QC and discharging is offered by Shemesh Automation in an ultra-smart monoblock configuration for projects involving pharma, cosmetics and food & beverage for vials, roll-on deodorants, sprays and other such products.
Our complete round wipes downstream turn-key solutions can help you:

- Expand knowhow
- Enhance production efficiency
- Lower costs per unit sold
- Raise output and product quality
- Improve market share and overall profit margins for the business.

It is our belief that the suggested Line is the most advanced in the world today.

Our machines are totally unique, they provide:

- Ultra low downtime
- Sanitary and materials waste control design,
- Complete Originality - our vertical SAS for canisters rolled wipes stuffing is the first of its kind in the market
- Supreme accuracy; the special FGW no-drip, no - ”nonwoven overflow” shower nozzles boast 0.5% accuracy in fill & portion
- The SEALPRO linear cut & thermo seal methodology and the CIW no lids deformation mechanism are also totally unique in the industry.

As you can see These are NOT generic machines but were developed for the specific market needs required for high quality canisters wipes production. SA is your first choice for cans feeding, wipes stuffing, filling, sealing, capping, continuous labeling and case packing.
SA's wet wipes arm, SHEMESH AUTOMATION WET WIPES, is a global leader in NONWOVENS downstream packaging combining soft and hard packaging solutions for the wet wipes industry. SHEMESH AUTOMATION WET WIPES boasts an arsenal of truly unique solutions and patents positioning it well ahead of the industry. SHEMESH AUTOMATION WET WIPES is the proud chosen supplier of the world's largest corporations for branded and private labelled wipes from North America to Europe and Asia.
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