Unit 11 Grinnall Business Centre
Sandy Lane Industrial Estate
Stourport on Severn
DY13 9QB
United Kingdom
01299 877770

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Dale Simmonds
  • Sales Support Engineer Ben Priest
  • Finance and Marketing Administrator Alison Skibinski
  • Finance Administrator: Amy Trevitt

Simmatic Automation Specialists are a Worcestershire based company established in 1997. We supply pneumatic and vacuum handling products to numerous industries including food and drink, manufacturing and automotive. Simmatic boasts extensive expertise in industrial handling solutions, offering the latest in technological developments to meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

We do far more than just offer a catalogue of products. Simmatic take on the position of coming up with a proposal for a problem, working closely with our customers to understand how they need our kit to operate. We always make every effort to provide a tangible solution for our customers to use with complete confidence. Take a look at our social media pages for all the latest news.

This innovation is achieved through representing forward-thinking companies such as VMECA and Airwork. VMECA’s compressed air driven vacuum pumps have industry leading potential for pick and place robotics and handling applications, and Simmatic are experts in helping customers choose the right product from the range.


Products Supplied

VMECA Vacuum Cups:
Suction Cups, Vacuum Cups, Magic cups, Non Contact vacuum Cups, Bag Opening Cups, Non Marking Vacuum Cups, Silicon Vacuum Cups, Food Grade Vacuum cups, Vacuum Cups for Rough Surfaces, Non Conductive Vacuum Cups, Anti Static Vacuum Cups, Vacuum Grippers, Soft Lip Vacuum Cups, Bellows Vacuum Cups, Long Bellows Vacuum Cups, Flat Vacuum Cups, Oval Vacuum Cups, Polyurethane Vacuum Cups.
VMECA Vacuum Pumps:
Multistage Vacuum Generators, Air Operated Vacuum Pumps, High Flow Vacuum Pumps, Point of Use Vacuum Generators, Integrated Vacuum Cartridge pumps, Vacuum cartridges, Classic Vacuum Pumps, Turtle Vacuum Pumps , VSM Speeder Vacuum Pumps, Micro Multistage Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Pumps with Controls, Airmovers, Linevacs.
VMECA Vacuum Conveyors:
Stainless Steel Vacuum Conveyors, Hopper Loaders, Air operated Vacuum Conveyors, Vacuum Loader, VTC Vacuum Conveyor, VMECA, ATEX Vacuum Conveyor, Powder Conveyor, Grain Conveyor, Tablet Conveyor, Food Conveyor.
VMECA Vacuum Grippers:
VGRIP Vacuum Gripper, Palletiser Vacuum Gripper, Multistage Vacuum gripper, Vacuum plate, Vacuum Bar, Vacuum Gripper with flow valves, Sponge Vacuum gripper, Vacuum gripper with Vacuum Cups, Robot Palletising Gripper.
VMECA Vacuum Level Compensators:
Level Compensators, Vacuum Level Springs, Vacuum Plungers, Vacuum Height Compensators, Vacuum Ball joint, Smart Vacuum, Swivel arm, Tubular End Of Arm Mounting Brackets, Level Springs with integrated Vacuum Cartridge, Speeder.
Airwork Pneumatic Cylinders:
Pneumatic Cylinders, MGP Guided Compacts, ISO / VDMA Cylinders, Twin Rod ISO Cylinders, Large Bore Compact Cylinders, Stainless Steel Cylinders, ISO Compact Cylinders, H Guide for ISO Cylinders, U Guide for Compact Cylinders, Rodless Cylinders, StoppeRcylinders, Rotary Actuators, Rotary Cylinders, Hydrocheck Cylinders, 48 Hour Delivery from Italy.
Airwork Pneumatic Valves:
ISO Valves, 10mm Micro Solenoid Valves, 2/2, 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 Solenoid Valves, Body Ported Valves, Manifold Mounted Valves, Prewired Sub D Connector Valve manifolds, High Flow Solenoid Valves, Vacuum valves, Low Pressure Valves, Sub Base Mounted Valves, Coax Valves.
Airwork Pneumatic Fittings:
Push in fittings, metal push in fittings, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm,16mm. Metal Threaded fittings, BSP Threaded Adaptors, Stainless Steel Fittings, Nylon Tube, Polyurethane Tubing, Braided Tubing, Anti Static PU Tube, Non return Valves, Quick Exhaust Valves.
Airwork Stampotechnica Air treatment:
Stampotechnica, Aircomp, Filter regulators, Dropout, Water separators, Low Pressure regulators, Precision regulators, Soft Start Valves, Solenoid operated Dump / Exhaust Valves, Lubricators, Fine filters, silencers, reclassifiers.
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VMECA, South Korea:
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Airwork Pneumatic, Milan, Italy:
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Trade names

  • Airwork
  • VTEC

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