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SIPA. The PET Specialist.
With 30 years of experience in PET containers solutions, SIPA has acquired considerable expertise in all available bottle manufacturing and filling technologies, from preforms to finished products, for the food and beverage, chemical products, cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceutical sectors.

SIPA is a technological partner whose main goal is to transfer its skills and expertise to its customers, offering innovative and competitive solutions to meet specific customer needs.
Our extensive product range includes equipment for production of preforms as well as single-stage injection-stretch-blow moulding systems and stretch blow moulding equipment (both rotary and linear), filling monoblocs, process equipment and a full range of robotised and palletising solutions. SIPA is also a mould maker for blowing and preform injection systems, both SIPA and non-SIPA, and it also has an important bottle design and engineering operation at the service of its customers.

With such a wide range of technical solutions, SIPA is able to offer a manufacturing scenario that best fits its customers' requirements, taking into account factors such as bottle cost, energy savings, space and the need for flexibility.

Sipa recently installed on the market a real revolution: an innovative and unique solution for the Circular Economy able to produce in a single energy cycle FOOD-GRADE preforms from 100% R-PET WASHED FLAKES. An environment-saving and cost reducing revolutionary “bottle-to-bottle” technology.

With headquarters in Italy, the company can rely on 16 sales branches, 4 manufacturing facilities (two sites in Italy, one in Romania and one in China) and 28 service centres for fast access to service, parts, and expert engineering support. SIPA also offers injection mould refurbishing and conversion services, with 8 refurbishment centres in Italy, China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and two in the United States (Georgia and California).


Products Supplied

Packaging Solutions:
Creating a better bottle
We offer you a wealth of PET design, engineering and production knowledge all in one place. SIPA takes a truly holistic packaging development approach based on experience with the entire supply chain. Plus, SIPA is the only company offering innovation and engineering capabilities in both injection and blowing processes. You can consult SIPA experts for advice and solutions at any stage of the PET production process to keep costs down and productivity high. The packaging a consumer sees on the shelf greatly influences the purchase decisions. Ideally, bottle design marries perfect function with seamless brand expression. To reach that ideal, final containers and preforms must complement each other perfectly.

That’s where our packaging expertise comes in. Our technical, creative and marketing professionals collaborate with you on all kinds of packaging projects. SIPA’s “better bottle” development ensures you can achieve your goals for market appeal and functionality while reducing risks and costs. Design ideas undergo rigorous testing and development via process engineering and our uniquely advanced prototyping before moulds are manufactured to produce the final container.
Preform systems:
SIPA has developed several solutions for the manufacturing of preforms in PET. Our range of machinery now comprises two major families, each with its own distinctive technology and set of operating characteristics, for different sectors of the global packaging industry.

Our XFORM platform, available in 350 and 500 tons, is the right solution for highly-cost efficient production of PET preforms by conventional injection molding capable of running molds with up to 180 cavities. XFORM stands out with its high energy efficiency and low maintenance costs and its ability to accept molds built by any manufacturer.

Our XTREME platform is a revolutionary injection-compression molding system which takes preform production into a new dimension. It is the right solution for high-speed production of lightweight preforms with gentle material treatment and high flexibility. It is also an open system for upstream and downstream integration.

SIPA is also able to deliver global tooling programs for new molds or mold conversions from single to 144 cavities.
Bottle production systems:
Versatility and performance
The manufacture of PET containers can be made with a 1-step or a 2-step process. The 1-step process, based on the concept of integrating the preform injection process with the preform stretch-blowing process, results in a container obtained directly from plastic resin in a single machine. The 2-step process features the manufacture of plastic containers in two separate stages: first preforms are injection molded on an injection machine and then are re-heated and stretch-blown on a blowing machine.

SIPA has held a unique position in the market as the sole manufacturer supplying both 1-step and 2-step solutions as well as injection and blowing molds for SIPA and non SIPA machines. SIPA has always maintained the objective of serving its customers in the broadest and most responsive way and, by offering the full range of solutions for container production, we are able to support customers with expert advice on the most suitable system to satisfy their specific needs.

Our solutions for the production of PET containers include high-speed rotary blowmolding systems, the SFR range, linear blowmolding systems, the highly flexible SFL range of machines as well as high-speed 1-step systems, the ECS FX and HS range and low-speed 1-step systems, the ECS SP range.
To complete our range of solutions, we design and produce in-house blowing molds to fit our systems as well as most of the major brands of stretch blow molder machines and we offer a complete service of container design and prototyping.
Sincro Bloc solutions:
Compact solutions
Sincro Bloc is the integration of bottles blowing/filling and capping equipment in a single system. It combines the highest output with the maximum container quality keeping reduced footprint, simplicity and hygiene. Sincro Bloc holds the state-of-the-art technology available today on the market in terms of preform treatment, blowing, bottle movement, filling, capping and automation.
The innovative features of Sipa blowers and fillers combined with the “hygiene” concept of Sincro Bloc, make this solution perfectly suitable for all kinds of products: still and carbonated, cold fill and hot fill, with and without pulps, sensitive products (including C.S.D. without preservatives) and those which require weight filling. Sincro Bloc is the most suitable solution for the treatment of extreme lightweight bottles.
Sincro Bloc eliminates air conveyors between blower and filler, rinser, reduces the number of operators and overall consumptions. All these features and advantages make Sincro Bloc one of the best solutions both in terms of capex and as a guarantee of general TCO reduction.
Sipa has gathered a long experience in Sincro Bloc systems, since its first introduction in the year 2000, and in the year 2009 was a pioneer in the introduction of a further extension of Sincro Bloc concept: the Sincro TriBloc that integrates bottle blowing, labelling, filling and capping in a single system.
Filling technology:
Versatile solutions
Today’s fast evolving beverage market requires high performance and versatile filling solutions. In this scenario, Sipa is a reliable partner with a sound expertise and a wide range of rinsing, filling and capping monoblocks that guarantee the highest quality standards.
At the design stage, great attention was given to choosing the best components available, to extreme sanitizability and reduction of running costs, in terms of both consumption and normal operations (quick size changes, easy maintenance, etc.).
A complete and versatile range to meet the most varied requirements in terms of both productivity (monoblocks with up to 160 valves) and products to process: still and carbonated water, soft drinks, milk and dairy products, beer, sport and energy drinks, tea and juice.

Our range include: Flextronic and Bigfill electronic volumetric fillers, Stillfill and Isofill mechanical fillers.
Process solutions:
Product preparation and treatment units
An extremely important part of managing a bottling line and obtaining a high quality finished product is the product preparation phase.
In recent years, the bottling world has experienced an explosion in the range of products aimed at satisfying consumers’ increasingly diverse and demanding requests. SIPA has designed a range of product preparation systems with higher performance and flexibility in order to respond to all needs arising in bottling plants.

Our range allows us to guarantee a very high quality and stability of the final product in the preparation of any type of non-alcoholic
refreshment drink available on the market today. Precision, flexibility, hygienic design, total cost of ownership and maintenance reduction were the main guidelines we followed during the design of our renewed range.
Secondary Packaging:
Conventional and robotized solutions.
More than fifty years’ experience and the continuous drive towards innovation have made Sipa one of the worldwide leading companies in this sector. A range of complete, reliable end-line solutions able to satisfy all the needs of the bottling, food processing and chemical/pharmaceutical sectors.

The range includes:
Fixed and mobile pallet palletizers and depalletizers, both traditional and robotized, for bottles, jars, cans, cartons, crates and shrink-packs

Cartoning solutions for crates, cartons as well as any type of bottles, cans and jars. Sipa offers a very comprehensive range of solutions for American-type cartons, plastic crates, trays and wrap-around. They are designed to meet different levels of speed and to cover all production needs, from the simplest to the most complex packaging configurations handled with robotic solutions.

Due to the multiplication of sizes and type of packaging, the end of the line management is becoming more and more important to the overall efficiency of the complete line. That is why we have put our long and wide experience to the design of flexible and reliable secondary packaging solutions, capable to guarantee high performance and efficiency.
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Our aim is to guarantee constant support for its customers in finding the most competitive solutions in the shortest possible time. For this reason, SIPA has built up a widespread, efficient commercial and post-sales network. With headquarters in Italy, the company can rely on 17 sales branches, 4 manufacturing facilities (two sites in Italy, one in Romania and one in China) and 28 post-sales service centres providing technical support and spare parts. Please check on
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