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Management Personnel

  • Sales Manager: Victoria Marshall
  • Managing Director: Karen Cobbett

We are a leading, well respected agency business focused on representing a portfolio of global blue chip packaging machinery companies. Our area of expertise covers a wide range of packaging requirements, from straightforward applications to those requiring bespoke solutions. With more than 50 years of combined experience we can provide a personal high quality machinery supply service backed up with aftersales support.


Products Supplied

Weigh filling/capping machines for 250 ml - 30 litres. Indexing & continuous motion design for a wide range of filling speeds.
Specialist in ATEX applications and hygienic handling of incompatible products.
Turnkey line management including case packing and palletising.
Suitable for UK Weights & Measures approval.
Speciality 200 litre drum filler supplier. In line single container handling or on-pallet options for containers, buckets, drums and IBC's. Semi-automatic and fully automatic options.
Full turnkey line management including automated drum storage systems, data collection, labelling, palletising. ATEX specialists.
Range of containers that can be handled from 10 litres to 1000 litres.
Suitable for UK Weights & Measures approval.
Mpac Langen:
Complete end of line solutions including cartoning, case packing & palletising. Experienced in standard, high speed or complex applications across many industries. Product handling and collation systems from a single or multiple primary packaging machines are available, feeding into either end load to top load cartons.
For more complex applications, these systems can be equipped with specialised back to back batch running with full validation/track & trace capabilities as well as vision inspection, data collection, serialisation etc.
Full line turnkey solution available.
Product recovery systems, either manual or automatic for reworking of faulty pouches, tea bags, bags of crisps, sachets, cartons and wrapped products.
Automatic cutting and precise loading of individual sachets into a secondary form of packaging such as noodle pots or flow wraps of dry noodles. Sachets are fed in a bandoleer, option for sachet loading into cases.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Feige, Germany:
Container/Drum/IBC filling and closing machinery.
Mpac Langen, Holland:
End of line collation/cartoning machines.
Leu-Tronic, Germany:
Product recovery systems.
Pack'R, France:
Weigh filling machinery for 250 mls to 30 litres.
Mitsuhashi, Japan:
Bandoleer and dispensing, sachet loading systems.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Air
  • C-1000
  • Maestro
  • Packsaver
  • Vento
  • Solano
  • Alisio

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