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Stäubli is a global mechatronics solutions provider with three dedicated activities: Connectors, Robotics and Textiles. Originally founded in 1892 as a small workshop in Horgen/Zurich, today Stäubli is an international group headquartered in Pfäffikon, Switzerland with a global workforce of over 5,500.

Worldwide, Stäubli operates fourteen industrial production sites with a global presence of over 60 locations in 29 countries, expanded with a network of agents in 50 countries, delivering innovative solutions to all industrial sectors.

In order to position itself as a complete solution provider for digitally networked production, Stäubli offers a broad range of standard kinematics of 4-axis and 6-axis robotic arms for all kinds of sensitive environments, autonomous mobile robotics, driverless transport systems (AGVs) and POWER cobots for human-robot collaboration.

Management Personnel

  • General Manager: Craig Forrester
  • Applications: Andy Ayres
  • Sales Manager Robotics Division: Simon Jenkins
  • Technical Manager: Paul Ralphs
  • Marketing & Sales Assistant: Mike Parker

Products Supplied

6 Axis Industrial Robots:
With their smart design, high performance and dexterity, Stäubli’s 6 axis robots are ideal for many industries and applications.
SCARA Industrial Robots:
Our TS2 SCARA robot range with its proprietary JCS drive technology facilitates ultra-short cycle times and high repeatability.
FAST Picker TP80 Industrial Robots:
Stäubli designed the 4-axis FAST picker TP80 robot for high-speed handling operations of small parts.
Power Cobots:
The TX2touch is a unique range of cobots designed for safe Man Robot Collaboration while maintaining high productivity. It offers safe operation thanks to its advanced skin technology.
Mobile Robots and AGV:
HelMo mobile robot system allows flexible use of robot technology at different workstations within smart production.
Sensitive Environment Industrial Robots:
Dedicated robots designed to meet the specific needs of every industry from cleanrooms to harsh environments.
Applications Packs:
Whether for plastics or machining applications, our robotic arms can handle the requirements of your industry.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Worldwide Support, Service and Training:
Represented in 29 countries.
UK Reps

There are no UK Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

Trade names

Trade names

  • Stericlean
  • Unival
  • VAL3
  • CS9
  • TX2
  • TS2
  • FAST Picker TP80
  • WFT

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