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Management Personnel

  • Marketing Manager: Nina Stoff
  • Executive Manager Sales & Marketing: Günter Haiden

STATEC BINDER: Your reliable partner in providing high-performance bagging and palletizing solutions

STATEC BINDER is an internationally known specialist for customized packaging systems.
The Austrian company already has successfully installed more than 1600 machines worldwide. Whether it's plastic pellets, rice, sugar, grain, fertilizer or flour - the extensive product range offers customized solutions of highest quality. The bagging systems are designed for PE-, woven PP- and paper bags with a filling weight of 5 to 50 kg. Big Bag-stations fill up to 150 Big Bags per hour and the palletizing systems are able to stack all types of bags and boxes.

With 40 years of experience STATEC BINDER is global market leader in high-performance open-mouth bagging and known for absolute reliability, innovation and precision.


Products Supplied

Bagging machines:
The high-performance open-mouth bagging systems are offered for polyethylene (PE), woven polypropylene (PP) and paper bags with a filling weight of 5 up to 50 kg.
Palletizing machines:
The fully automatic high-level palletizing systems as well as the high-performance robot palletizing systems enable to palletize bags and boxes of any type.
Big Bag-Filling stations:
Semi-automatic gross and net weighing Big Bag-filling stations fill up to 150 Big Bags per hour.
Form- Fill- Seal Bagging Machine:
High performance FFS bagging machine from a tubular reel for pillow and gusset bags from 5 - 50kg.
Carousel Bagging Machine:
Fully automatic high performance continuous rotating bagging carousel for prefabricated open mouth bags. For pillow and gusset bags from 10- 50kg.
Vertical Form-Fill- Seal Bagging Machine:
Vertical Form-Fill-Seal packaging machine up to 900 bags per hour from flat film.
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