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Staubli: an international group serving all industrial sectors known worldwide for the quality of our design and innovation for more than a century, the Staubli Group has brought its renowned engineering expertise and technological ingenuity to the forefront of robotics. Since 1982, we have built a highly regarded robotics business, and more significantly, transformed the way thousands of manufacturing operations perform.

Staubli provide high performance in all areas of industry. Designed to work in the most hostile environments as well as cleanrooms. Wherever speed, compactness, precision and reliability are demanded, Staubli has the right technology - regardless of industry sector or type of application.

Life sciences: exceptionally clean, precise and accurate robots suitable for Grade A through Grade D environments, providing ideal solutions to the unique requirements of the life sciences sector.

Machine tending: Robots with specialised features such as enclosed arms, IP65 arm protection with IP67 wrist, compact footprints and multiple mounting options.

High speed machining: The RX160 robot offers a flexible solution for handling various machining operations.

Food: Food processing robots designed to increase throughput and efficiency by minimising manual intervention, covering a wide range of food industry applications.

Plastics: D-axis robots designed specifically for the plastics industry, meeting a wide range of automation needs such as high speed demolding, two-shot molding and much more.

Painting: Operating in a range of industrial sectors, Staubli paint robots meet all needs for automated finishing, from traditional application to electrostatic processes.

Semiconductor / cleanroom: Automation solutions designed to perform precisely controlled applications with exceptional accuracy, high speed, and dramatically improved particle reduction.

Management Personnel

  • Technical: Paul Ralphs
  • Applications: Andy Ayres
  • Marketing & Sales Assistant Mike Parker

Products Supplied

Industrial Robots:
4 and 6 axis robots for all industries.
Cleanroom Robots:
Sub class 1 robots.
Paint Robots:
CE ATEX (Europe). FM or CSAus (USA).
Plastics Robots:
Euromap compatible.
'Stericlean' Robots:
Work in sterile environments.
Food Industry Robots (HE):
Designed for food industry applications.
Fast Picker Robots (TP80):
Extremely fast robots dedicated to handling operations with small parts.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Worldwide Support, Service and Training:
Represented in 20 countries.
UK Reps

There are no UK Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

Trade names

Trade names

  • Paintixen
  • Puma
  • Stericlean
  • Unival
  • VAL3
  • Valpaint
  • Valplast

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