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STEMMER IMAGING is one of Europe's leading independent suppliers of computer vision components and systems. We provide all of the key elements needed to build a vision system including: smart cameras, compact vision systems, frame grabbers and image processors, cameras, lighting, optics and software.

STEMMER IMAGING supply products from the worlds leading vision manufacturers such as Teledyne DALSA, LMI, JAI, SONY, Allied Vision, CCS, Pentax, Tamron, Opto Engineering, Smart Vision Lights, Xenics and MVTech among many others.

At STEMMER IMAGING we pride ourselves on our high level of knowledge and expertise and in being able to provide invaluable advice and high quality support services. Our Machine Vision Handbook, technology white papers, regular blog articles, seminar program and training courses enable our customers to keep abreast of all the latest developments in vision technology.

Our service offering includes development and consulting along with the creation and manufacture of client specific sub-systems. For customers that require a turn key factory installed solution we can select one of our of approved integrators or consultants that best suits their application requirements.

The company, founded in 1987 adopts a strong ethical culture being registered to the united nations global compact network and is listed on the Frankfurt stock market prime standard. We hold over £7M worth of stock, available for fast delivery and continually innovate by active participation in global standards committees while continually test and evaluate new technologies allowing us to significantly reduce your integration time by providing valuable advice. and guidance.

Management Personnel

  • Director of Sales: Chris Pitt
  • Managing Director: Mark Williamson

Products Supplied

Smart Cameras:
Machine Vision Inspection Systems self contained within the camera including software with easy web based configuration and easy interfacing to PLC's.
Extended wavelength cameras including thermal:
in the near, mid and long wavelength areas based on InGas, MCT InSi & bolometer technologies. Ideal in inspection of fresh produce, through packaging inspection and high end security.
3 & 4 sensor colour cameras:
including HDTV. Outputs include HD-SDI an HDMI interfaces used in Medical and Broadcast Applications as well as general machine vision.
Machine Vision Illumination systems:
Wide range of lighting for industrial machine vision applications including advanced controllers using high powered LED light sources.
Lenses and Optics for Imaging & Machine Vision:
Wide range of optics including lockable lenses for industrial applications and ultra high resolution optics for demanding applications.
Frame Grabbers & Camera Interfaces:
Interfaces from all camera interfaces to PC systems.
Machine Vision Cable Solutions:
Standard & custom Cable solutions for all camera interface standards. Versions include high flex, Halogen and Oil resistant models along with active repeaters and fibre optic extenders.
Machine Vision Software Tools:
Both point and click configurable development environments and advanced C and C++ libraries to enable custom machine vision solutions to be realized. Applications include 2D and 3D measurement and matching as well as optical flow.
High Speed Recording Systems:
record over 1000 fps for troubleshooting high-speed production processes.
Vision Subsystems, Assembly and Development:
Our manufacturing division enable us to provide pre-configured subsystems for OEM's to reduces development and deployment time. This can be as simple as the cleanroom assembly of camera and lens with focus and calibration through to the supply of a complete inspection head with lighting, processor and software integrated for easy installation you your machine. This is a bespoke service for our OEM customers.
ID Barcode and OCR readers:
Smart sensors delivering integrated fixed position 1D and 2D code reading with optical character recognition.
3D Sensors, Camera & Systems:
Full range of 3D machine vision solutions including smart sensors and cameras configured via web browsers to multi camera 3D acquisition and advanced software tools.
Compact Vision Systems:
Multi Camera Vision Systems with easy to configure software with local display and configuration. Easy interfacing to PLC's.
Surface Inspection Systems:
Our Trevista shape from shading inspection system detects the smallest surface defects even on shiny and glossy surfaces.
Hyper-spectral chemical colour imaging Solutions:
Chemical and foreign material detection solutions using hyperspectral imaging using Perception Park's user-friendly software, meaning specialist know-how is no longer required.
Area Scan Industrial Cameras:
with USB2 ,USB3, Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire, Cameralink and Coaxpress Interfaces. Ultra small body, based on CCD & CMOS sensors. Resolutions to over 80M pixel.
OEM Camera Modules:
Open board camera for integration onto OEM equipment.
Linescan Cameras & Solutions:
For acquisition of high resolution images where the product or web is continuously moving. Resolutions up to 16K pixels.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

STEMMER IMAGING has offices in:
Germany, UK & Ireland, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Norway & Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Poland and Baltic Countries, Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Brazil
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Teledyne DALSA:
World leader in Machine Vision Systems, Smart Cameras, Linescan Cameras, Interfaces and Software.
3D sensors and smart cameras.
Allied Vision:
Digital Camera Supplier.
Digital Camera Supplier specialising in 3chip cameras.
Digital Camera Supplier.
The Imaging Source:
Industrial and board level cameras including with integrated zoom lenses.
3D Camera systems.
Automation Technology:
3D and thermal camera systems.
Smart Vision Lights:
Smart machine vision illumination systems.
Industrial Lenses and Manual assembly assistance cameras.
Perception Park:
Hyperspectral Imaging Software.
Hyperspectral Camera Systems.
Advanced machine vision software libraries and tools including AI and deep learning.
Neousys Technology:
Machine Vision embedded PC's and interface cards.
Machine Vision embedded PC's and interface cards.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Common Vision Blox

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