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SYSPAL provide exceptional service by developing a close relationship with the customer and a deep understanding of their requirements. Our goal is to be the leading supplier of stainless steel products and meet all requirements of customers from the food, pharmaceutical and health industries. With our comprehensive range of standard and bespoke products we provide cost-effective and efficient hygienic solutions.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Chris Truman
  • Director: Mark Roberjot
  • Director: Jason Duval

Products Supplied

Essential Products:
SYSPAL specialises in an extensive range of stainless steel equipment essential to any hygiene and quality conscious environment, including: handwash sinks, handwash sinks featuring the Dyson Airblade Wash + Dry hand dryer, trough sinks, shoe and boot washers, hose reels, pallets, cooking and freezer trolleys, racks, trays, moulds and presses, dollies and bogies, step units and gantries, barriers, changing room equipment, racking, hygiene equipment, furniture, Eurobins, tanks, trays and more.
Column Tippers:
A range of single column tippers including food industry standard 200 & 300L Eurobins, Clean Line Eurobins, barrels and drums, mixing bowls, wheelie bins, trays and custom containers with a range of options includes: mobile, guarded, skeletal and bolt down. Double column lifters for mixing bowls, industrial containers, dolavs and tanks are also available.
Tippers and Tilters:
SYSPAL hydraulic tippers and tilters are designed to reduce the need for manual handling and for safe and effective bulk product transfer from a wide range of standard and bespoke food industry Eurobins, Clean Line Eurobins, barrels, tanks and containers. Carriage designs, tipping heights, tipping angles and maximum lift capacity can all be tailored to suit individual handling applications.
Eurobin Tumblers for Mixing and Blending:
Our programmable Eurobin Tumblers for 200 and 300L Eurobin and Clean Line Eurobins are ideal for mixing, blending and marinating. The absence of rotary blades and paddles ensure delicate products are mixed with minimum breakage and perfect consistence.
Goods Elevators:
A range of bespoke vertical goods elevators to enable transfer between multiple floors in the high care production environment. Manufactured from stainless steel with load capacities from 100kg up to 3 tonne, covering multiple applications including machine change parts, packaging equipment, bulk handling containers and palleted product.
Single Bin Solution:
The 'single bin solution' is made up of a 250kg or 350kg weigh scale, Eurobin storage for immediate storage if required, a high-capacity Eurobin tumbler or a mixing Eurobin tumbler, Eurobin tipping or lifting equipment and a single or double unit Eurobin wash frame.
Reducing the exchange of ingredients between Eurobins and eliminating washes between production stages. This can increase productivity, throughput and reduce the risks of manual handling related injuries whilst maintaining an extremely high level of hygiene.
Eurobin Storage:
A range of Eurobin storage for 200L and 300L Eurobins. Versatile and flexible racking solutions that can be adapted to suit your storage needs and easily relocated if required. Eurobin stacker with a SWL of 350kg for handling the 200L and 300L Eurobins.
Light Weight Lifting:
Light weight lifting equipment ranging from a multi-purpose lifter with various attachments to handle items from reels, barrels, form and fill tools and much more. Reel handlers and storage equipment available for film reels.
Conveyor Systems:
A wide choice of conveyor types can be applied to solve almost any materials handling/ transfer requirement ensuring the most efficient product flow can be achieved. Constructed from stainless steel and other food grade materials, these include: Modular, PU Belt, Powered Roller, Gravity Track, Slat, Trough Belt, Wire Mesh, Chain, Carousel, Rotary Turntables, Spirals, Vibratory, Sanitising and Packing conveyors.
Vibratory Feed Systems:
Hygienic vibratory conveyors available as standard and bespoke solutions. Various belt configurations available to suit a number of applications including multihead weigh feed systems, transporting products from low care to high care and bulk handling material. Call us for a discussion on your vibratory feed needs, our design engineers can produce a bespoke feed solution for you.
Whatever your requirement, large or small, SYSPAL can offer a dedicated service for bespoke and standard stainless steel products and solutions. We work closely with you and your team to develop a solution that is unique to your needs.
With over 40 years of experience we can ensure not only our manufacturing expertise, but also our design, consultancy, service and installations are of the highest quality.
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