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TMG Marchesini UK Ltd has built a good reputation over Thirty years for the technical support of the Marchesini Group in the UK and Ireland. We have full engineering facilities for in-house line commissioning, major overhaul, training, spares, service and technical support.

Management Personnel

  • UK Director: Andy Long
  • Technical Manager: Angelo Viscusi
  • Sales Manager: Kevan Bayes
  • Sales Manager: Paolo Aspidistria
  • After Sales Manager Craig Hartwright
  • Managing Director: Marco Ruo
  • Sales Manager: Ivan DeSanzo

Products Supplied

Cartoning Machines:
Intermittent and continuous motion.
Liquid Fillers:
Rotary and intermittent.
Independent or monobloc with filler.
Blister Machines:
For blister production in PVC, PVDC, Aclar, PET, PP and cold forming.
Tube Filling Machines:
For metal, polyethylene and laminated.
Sachet Machines:
For tablets powder and liquids, vertical.
Tablet Packaging Machines:
For standard & effervescent tablets.
Strip Packing Machines:
Overwrapping / Banding Machines:
For single products or collations.
Case and Tray Packing Machines:
For multi-purpose applications including aggregation.
For in-line case palletising and depalletisers.
Labelling Machines:
For bottles, ampoules, cartons, syringes, tamper-evident applications including Track & Trace.
Washing Machines:
Rotary or in-line for bottles or ampoules.
Sterilising Tunnels:
Laminar flow or irradiation for ampoules or bottles.
Shrink/Stretch Wrapping Machines:
For bottles, cartons and other applications.
Thermoforming Machines:
Deep draw for packaging of ampoules, bottles and other applications.
Stick Packers:
Multilane packing for semi-powdered or granular products and liquids.
Walleting Machines:
Automatic machine to insert pharmaceutical blisters into wallet foldable cards.
Depacking Machines:
Automatic machine designed to remove wrapping film from bundles of glass bottles.
Bottle Blowers:
Suitable for the inside blowing of glass or plastic bottles by filtered compressed air.
Counting, Unscrambler and Capping Machines:
Suitable for counting tablets, pills and capsules. Unscrambler for plastic bottles, plus capping for every type of cap.
Syringe Filling:
All speeds.
Sterile Vial & Ampoule Filling:
High & Low speed.
Syringe Assembly & Packing Lines:
Finger grip, back stop, safety device, label, plunger rod insertion.
Semi automatic, fully automatic, vertical and horizontal.
Full Serialization on Packing Lines:
Including Trace / Trace and aggrigation.
Mixing Vessels:
For cosmetic creams and lotions
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Marchesini Group, Italy:
Cartoning, blisters, liquid fillers, cappers, sachet machines, effervescent tablet packing, overwrapping / banding, case packing, palletising, stickpack machines. Shrink, stretchwrapping, banding and tray packing machines.
Tonazzi/Vasquali, Italy:
Tube filling and closing. Tablet counting, unscrambler, counting machine, capping machine.
Neri, Italy:
Labelling machines, washing machines, steriliser tunnels.
Farcon, Italy:
Thermoforming machines.
Packservice, Italy:
Case packers, Strip Packing machines.
Corima, Italy:
Ampoule filling and sealing machines, washing machines, assembling of needle-safety device, filling and stoppering machine for disposable syringes, filling and capping machines for carpules.
Dumek, Bologna, Italy:
Suppliers of processing machinery for the cosmetics industry.
Trade names

Trade names

  • PRB

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