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TAVIL has a manufacturing plant of 102.000 sqm and is specialised in the construction of machinery and automatic lines for packing, palletising and handling.

TAVIL designs, develops and produces customised solutions and 'turn key' projects worldwide.

The TAVIL equipment technology is based on multiformat systems with automatic changeover and can be rapidly adapted to meet the continuous changes of the packaging market requirements.

Management Personnel

  • Export Manager: David Boadas

Products Supplied

Multiformat box forming machine:
Forms boxes using hot melt glue. The multiformat system allows to memorize up to 99 different boxes and is able to work simultaneously from 1 to 4 different boxes.
Multiformat box closing and covering machines:
With automatic changeover in less than 4 seconds and able to close up to 99 different boxes with a production of up to 1,200 boxes/h according to designs and sizes.
Automatic loading systems:
The automatic loading systems are multi-format and ready to work with different products and patterns.
TAVIL develops the program, the integration and the design of the complete solution.
Customised product distributors:
TAVIL product distributors work with multi-format systems allowing different product arrangements previous to the loading process.
High speed loading systems:
The high speed pick & place system uses artificial vision which allows to locate the position and recognises the shape of the product at high speed in order to load and/or position unarranged products.
Max Pallet TAVIL palletizing system:
Intuitive and touch system to edit palletizing mosaics. Complete automatic solution with multi-pallet and automatic interlayer dispenser, premosaic tables, full pallet transfer, stretch wrappers, labeller and other devices.
Transport systems:
Transport systems of empty and filled boxes, trays and crates. Automatic integral management systems for box, trays and crates in production plants. Construction in stainless steel and anti-slip modular belt. Highly robust equipment.
Handling complete lines:
Automatic transport and warehouse for crates and boxes including: elevators, automatic loaders, palletisers/depalletisers, and crate washers.
Reading and identification of crates and boxes by RFID and scanner.
Data management software for global control of transport and storage.
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We have distributors globally:
Please visit our web page for your local sales office:http://en.tavil.com/tavil-around-the-world/
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