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Established in 1973, the Food Machinery Company was originally founded as a service and engineering company and has evolved to become a high quality food machinery and packaging supplier with a key emphasis on after-sales support.

Our experienced management team and highly skilled engineers work in partnership with specially selected international suppliers to ensure our comprehensive product range meets clients’ expectations and is fully compliant with relevant legislation.

In addition to machinery and service packages, we offer design and consultancy services that seek to offer clients the most cost effective and efficient solutions with the key aim of contributing to our clients’ success in the marketplace.

We take pride in ensuring we offer the best solution for our clients and our turnkey service means we deliver a finished solution to your factory, not just a selection of machines. So let us make sure everything fits and communicates, saving you time and money.

Management Personnel

  • CEO: Mike Wilkinson
  • Managing Director: Lee Gapper
  • Technical Director: Samit Basak

Products Supplied

Working platforms:
Commonly used for mounting weighers above packaging machinery, all of our working platforms are custom designed and built to suit the customer’s production area and machine requirements.
Packaging Machines:
Many products require packaging, be it for presentation, hygiene or protection.

We are proud to supply an internationally sourced range of packaging machinery to cover a multitude of solutions. All suppliers are audited by our company and our machinery is designed and built to meet the exacting standards expected in the UK.

Guarding is added as required at our factory in Kent to ensure machinery complies with UK HSE and CE regulations.
Our range encompasses machinery to pack virtually any product, be it into bags, cartons, cups etc.
VFFS Vertical Form Fill Seal:
Our range of vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machinery covers virtually all requirements.

Models are available for:
- Pillow packs, gusset base and quad pack options
- Vacuum packing option
- Gas flush option
- Shaped seal jaws, including tear notches and euro slot punch
- Full colour touch screen operation, including customisable software designed in-house to customer specifications
Pouch Machines:
Linear Pouch Pack is an entry level machine designed for handling a range of pre-made bags. Different models handle flat bags, zipper bags, doy/pouch, side gusset, spout nozzles.
- Speeds of up to 20 bags/minute
- Use with hand fill or machine fill
- Suitable for liquids, pastes, powders, granules or larger pieces
- Vacuum and gas flush options
Pouch Forming series manufactures the bag/pouch from a
roll of film. This is a high speed machine that can produce, fill and seal up to 150 bags/minute.
- Up to 150 bags/minute
- Different models for various bag sizes
- Optional bag cutters for shaped bags / handles etc.
- Can be interfaced with multihead weighers, cup fillers, liquid fillers
- Suitable for liquids, pastes, powders, granules or larger pieces
- Gas flush option
Rotary Pouch Machines use pre-made bags and are designed to allow fast and efficient changes of bag sizes. We offer models with auto loading into a rotary vacuum sealer to vacuum seal the filled pouches. Double seals for retort bags are available.
- Up to 60 bags/minute
- Can be interfaced with Multihead weighers, cup fillers & liquid fillers
- Special feed systems for small, difficult to load products
- Bag widths from 70mm wide to include vacuum sealing
- Gas Flush Option
Flow Wrappers:
We offer a wide range of models for different pack sizes, all of which are supplied with a choice of hand feed or auto feed systems.
Our auto feed systems can directly interlink with your existing production line or can be supplied as part of a custom turnkey package.
- Manual and auto feed options
- Range of bag sizes and films
- Upper or lower film feed systems
- Gas flush option
Vacuum Packing:
Our range of vacuum packers extends from small tabletop units through to conveyor fed models with automatic loading and unloading.
- All stainless-steel construction
- Single and double chamber models available
- Auto loading and unloading options
- Gas flush option
Automating your production facility is easier and more affordable than you may think.

The price of robots and automation components has dramatically reduced in recent years and, with the cost of labour ever increasing, more and more companies are finding that automation is not only affordable but also offers fantastic payback times and improvements to manufacturing efficiencies.

The Food Machinery Company provides automated systems to reduce labour costs and increase quality control, hygiene and productivity. Our in-house design team use the latest 3D modelling software to give you a clear understanding of your automated process, ensuring we implement the correct solution before manufacturing commences.

Our focus on palletising, pick and place, and food contact applications means we provide a high-quality specialised service in our field of expertise. All systems are fully assembled at our UK factory and rigorously tested before being shipped.

Specially designed automation can allow your business to be more responsive, competitive and dynamic, and react to the ever-changing demands of the food industry. This type of bespoke automation lends itself to the possibility of further development in the future, allowing the systems to grow with your business.

We work with a large variety of mainstream robot manufacturers, ensuring the highest level of reliability and support. We utilise 3-axis, 4-axis and 6-axis robots to cover any palletising or pick and place application.

If you would like to discuss automating a process, packing a product or end of line palletising, then please contact us to arrange a free quotation.
Modular Packaging System:
The Food Machinery Company is proud to present our Modular Packing System (MPS). This system has been designed to allow clients to have a single vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machine with multiple fillers for use with multihead weighers, linear weighers, auger fillers for powders and liquid fillers. A platform is not required as the fillers mount directly onto the chassis of the MPS and can be changed with a suitable stacker truck or forklift.
Conveyor Systems:
A key requirement of packaging and processing is the ability to safely and efficiently convey the raw or finished product between each section of the manufacturing process.

We specialise in the design and supply of conveying systems to handle both raw and finished products through all stages. Our in-house CAD designers design and prepare 3D drawings of the proposed system, which is then manufactured to specification by our suppliers.

On completion, engineers from the Food Machinery Company attend site to install and commission the system, ensuring it integrates fully with both new and existing equipment.
Bucket Elevators:
Although often used for conveying delicate and bulk products, bucket elevators can also be used as an indexing assembly conveyor to mix multiple products.

Custom-built to suit any space and application, our bucket elevators include options for:
- Easy clean
- Full washdown
- Stainless or painted steel finish
Vibratory and belt Feeders:
Feeders ensure an even distribution of product onto conveyors. Vibratory feeders are best suited to free-flowing products, whereas belt feeders can be used for products that are prone to bridging.
- Variable speed discharge
- Various sizes available
- Various finishes available
Rotary Packing Tables, Collection and feed Tables:
The lazy Susan style rotary packing table is used to collect finished packs from packaging machinery, accumulating packs in a single accessible area and improving efficiency.
- Adjustable height
- Variable speed
- Optional wheeled base
Auger Feeders:
Auger feeders use a rotating helical screw mechanism to transfer powders and granular products between two locations in a manufacturing process.
- Fully welded screw as standard
- Various sizes of hopper available
- Custom length feeders
- Variable diameter feeders to suit flow rates
Linear motion conveyors:
Linear motion conveyors are used to convey delicate products such as crisps, which may be damaged by other methods of conveying.
- Quiet
- Reduces damage to delicate product
- Full stainless steel finish
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Unikon, Holland:
Tunnel washers for boxes, crates & pallets.
Gaser, Spain:
Industrial meat processing machinery.
Bear, Denmark:
Planetary mixers.
Fujimak, Japan:
Rice cookers & washers.
Kulp, Turkey:
Volumetric depositors and transfer pumps.
Multiweigh, China:
Checkweighers and metal detectors. Multihead and linear weighers.
Caplain, France:
Bakery machinery and ovens.
Thissen & Stecher, Holland:
Industrial boilers/kettles up to 5000 litre capacity.
Eiahe, China:
Pouch filling and sealing machines.
Eidos, Italy:
Thermal transfer printers.
Joni, Denmark:
Cooking kettles and Bratt pans.
De Danieli, Italy:
Oil Jacketed Cooking kettles to maximum size of 300L.
Anko, Taiwan:
Ethnic food production machinery.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Anko
  • Bear
  • Caplain
  • Dadaux
  • De Danieli
  • Eidos
  • Feuma
  • Fujimak
  • Gaser
  • Joni
  • Kulp
  • Multiweigh
  • Robot Coupe
  • Thissen & Stecher
  • Unikon
  • FMC Group

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