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The GSH Group is an established group of companies ideally placed to offer the complete packaging solutions required in today's market. Our machines are manufactured in the United Kingdom, Europe or through our collaboration in China depending on the customer's requirements. All machines are designed and built to exacting standards and are supplied with a comprehensive warranty supported by our dedicated team of professional service engineers.

So if you are looking for Optical Graders, Weighers, Counters, Punnet Fillers, Clippers, Heat Sealers, Tray denesters, Flow Wrappers, Vertical Form Fill, Doypack or just a Rotary Table give us a call or visit our website.

* INFIA UK LTD - suppliers of Thermoformed Punnets
* FIELDPAX LTD - suppliers of Printed Labels
* EASIWEIGH LTD - suppliers of Process Machines
* VERTI-PACK LTD - suppliers of Fruit and Vegetable Packing Machines, Nets and Clips
* JMC PACKAGING LTD - suppliers of Machines and Flexible Packaging

Management Personnel

  • Sales Director: Gavin Wooding
  • Financial Director: Robert Mason
  • Sales Director: Ian Seamark
  • Technical Manager: Mark Billington
  • Sales Manager: Malcolm Dykes

Products Supplied

Exceeding the current retail specification, our range of innovative checkweighers can include optional metal detection systems.
Doypack pouch machines:
Semi and fully automatic Doypack Pouch Machines to handle premade Doypack pouches or make Doypack pouches from a reel, flat or stand up pouches with zip re-sealable system for fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta, confectionery, powder and granular products.
Tray de-nesters:
Standalone hand fed and conveyor buffer fed systems, fully washdown, built to IP67, fully programmable with speeds up to 160 pieces per minute on a twin head system, suitable for feeding chain and peg and flat belt tray sealing systems. The system can handle plastic and pulp trays along with pots and flat card.
Linear Weighers and Multiheads:
We have a weigher to meet every application, from confectionery to fresh produce. Manufactured from stainless or mild steel, industrial to high care.
Rotary Multiheads:
Our Multihead - Combination weighers are fast, accurate and reliable, designed to meet all our clients' needs.
Counting Systems:
Bespoke counting systems manufactured in both mild and stainless steel.
Graders with Internal and External Quality:
World-leading Graders with a proven track record, enabling our clients to grade fruit and vegetables in a completely unique way. Better, faster and consistent, our state of the art technologies enter you into a new era in the field of vision: selecting has never been more accurate by weight, size, colour, internal and external quality al quality (rot, brix, dry matter, acidity and ripeness).
Clipping and Heat Sealing Machines:
Sorma Punnet Netting machines, Semi-automatic net clippers for meat and fresh produce, Fully automatic clippers for produce and citrus fruits.
Flow Wrappers and Vertical Form Fill:
A comprehensive and versatile range of mechanical and electronic HFFS and VFFS machines suitable for both food and non food applications.
Rentals, Reconditioned or Service:
We have a full range of options available from the above list including machinery and service for Upmann, Ellips, Pakfrut, Delfin, Sorma, Sammo and Pentavac. Please ring for details.
Overseas Reps

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UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Infia srl:
Infia is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of thermoformed plastic punnets and lids, with distribution around the globe. Providing many tailored solutions for the UK's leading multiples.
A full range of accurate, high quality and bespoke German multihead weighers for speeds of up to 360 weighs per minute.
A full range of semi automatic to fully automatic systems for pre made pouches or pouches made from a reel can also be supplied with ancillary feeding and filling equipment for solids or liquids.
Innovative high speed tray and punnet denesting machines with ancillary product loading conveyors for protein products, ready meals, fish products, bakery, fruit and vegetables at denesting speeds of up to 160 pieces per minute.
Manufacturers of the Berry Class optical sorting system for blueberries, cherries, tomatoes, high output, high accuracy and high defect detection.
Elisam srl:
Elisam srl, manufacturers of grading and weighing equipment for fruit and vegetables, including specialist weighers for tomatoes, cherries and stone fruit.
Ellips BV:
Ellips BV the market leader for grading fruit and vegetables. With over 2000 installed systems worldwide with a proven and successful working defect detection system.
Upmann GmbH:
Bernhard Upmann, an established company supplying bagging and weighing solutions to the vegetable industry since 1954 with several patents to their name, their thirst for technology and innovative solutions has never diminished.
Providing World Class solutions for punnet netting, heat sealing and the handling of delicate fruits within the fresh produce industry.
Delfin srl:
Delfin with over 20 years experience in the production of quality flow wrappers, conveyors and thermo formers are at the forefront of technology when it comes to innovation.
Pentavac srl:
Pentavac srl, manufacturers of quality vertical form fill and sealing equipment.
Trade names

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