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TM Robotics (Europe) Ltd is responsible for the sales, marketing and support of Shibaura Machine's, formerly Toshiba Machine, industrial robots throughout Europe.

Shibaura Machine manufacture an extensive range of SCARA, Cartesian and 6 axis robots which can be used in assembly, pick and place, sealing, materials handling, palletising and packaging applications.

Shibaura Machine has a history of continuous, in-house development of all robot hardware and software. Their versatile and established product range, which is combined with TM Robotics know-how, training and local applications support makes us the ideal partners for your robot projects and requirements.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Nigel Smith
  • International Sales Manager: Dervish Ibrahim
  • Office Manager: Hayley Keeble

Products Supplied

SCARA robots:
THL Series - Low cost, lightweight SCARA range, from 300 mm reach and 5kg payload in 100mm steps through to 1000mm with 10kg payload. * THA Series - Mid range, high speed, and high precision robots with reach ranging from 180mm with 2kg payload through to 1,200mm with 20kg payload. Options include:- Extended ball screws up to 600mm- Ceiling mounting- Clean room- IP65 * THP - High speed, high accuracy robot for demanding, high duty applications, with 550mm reach and 5kg payload or 700mm reach and 10kg payload.
Cartesian robots:
Available as single axis or in 2, 3 or 4 axis combinations. Actuator lengths range from 50mm to 2,500mm and payloads up to 150kg. This versatile, fully packaged range is supplied ready for final assembly, connection and programming. It comes complete with cables, brackets, cable track, inter-axis connectors, controller and software.
6 Axis robots:
The clean lines of the six axis robots, along with an option for IP65 specification, has made an impact in the pharma, electronics and food sectors. All models have integral air lines for grippers and for applications requiring positive or negative air pressure on the arm. IP67 is available on TV1000H wrist axis for dip applications.* TVL500 3kg payload 6 axis robot with 500mm reach* TVL700 4kg payload 6 axis robot with 700mm reach* TV800 5kg payload 6 axis robot with 800mm reach* TV1000 5kg payload 6 axis robot with 1000mm reach* TV1000H 10kg payload 6 axis robot with 1000mm reach.
Industries and applications:
Toshiba Machine has robots working in automotive components, pharmaceuticals / medical, cosmetics, electronics, food, packaging, ceramics and many more. If a part or tooling needs moving quickly and consistently, Toshiba Machine have a robot to suit. Applications include assembly, pick-and-place, gluing and sealing, material handling, palletising and packaging applications.
Applications Expertise:
TM Robotics has 25 years experience supplying Toshiba Machine robots for applications into a wide range of industries throughout Europe. TM Robotics can contribute innovative ideas to product handling solutions, to produce systems with lower development and operating costs that meet modern production and quality control requirements.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

We have representatives globally:
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UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Shibaura Machine Co. Ltd, Japan:
Manufacturer of Industrial Robots.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Toshiba Machine
  • Shibaura Machine

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