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At TrakRap, we’re passionate about reducing the cost and carbon footprint of ‘end of line’ packaging for manufacturers that supply the major food retailers. Traditional methods such as box tapers or shrink wrappers consume vast amounts of corrugate, plastic, or energy – often all 3 – and don’t have the flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of UK retailers packaging strategies going forward.

We’re proud to be helping companies across the UK transform their secondary packaging solutions. At the heart of this transformation is the TrakRap machine, a fully digital, connected, industry 4.0 platform that can handle up to 90% of existing SKUs and pack formats.

We started TrakRap to change the game of secondary packaging. Our unique consultative led approach means we work with you, not only to lower your costs, but to reduce the amount of material and energy consumed. Our unique GreenRap provides the first closed loop recycling system and is testament to our commitment to sustainability and lowering greenhouse gases.

Initially founded in 1989 as a R&D company in Lancashire, TrakRap has recently won a major investment from Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF) and is regarded as one of the most dynamic and forward-looking packaging businesses in the UK today. We lead the secondary packaging market into new territories, employing a dedicated team of mechanical, electronic and software engineers with a world-class commercial team.


Products Supplied

The TrakRap System:
The TRAKRAP System is a unique combination of the TRAKRAP machine, coupled with specially design ultra-thin stretch film and innovative pack designs that come together to provide the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution available.

TRAKRAP machines are the result of 15 years of design and development. They are built by our skilled engineers, in our state-of-the-art engineering facility in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. We operate a lean production flow to make sure that each machine is built in the most efficient way.
The TrakRap System:
The TrakRap System is the combination of pack design collation, ultra-thin film and a cold wrapping machine that will always deliver the lowest cost, lowest carbon, sustainable solution for end of line packaging (also known as secondary, transit or retail ready packaging).

Our huge investment in eco-innovation has given us a unique advantage. The TrakRap machine uses ‘cold wrap’ technology to open up a whole new level of cost reduction. Typically, by using 90% less energy, 70% less plastic and wherever possible reducing cardboard, we can guarantee savings of between 10% and 20% compared to traditional shrink wrapping or cardboard boxes. Add this to our ‘pay per use’ model which means there’s no Capex required and no hidden costs, and you can see how we can proudly boast that we will never be beaten on the price per pack.
TrakRap Machine:
TrakRap machines eliminate the need for heat tunnels entirely through the use of ‘cold wrap’ technology. This solution uses an orbital wrapping process to apply specially designed, ultra-thin stretch film to products and reduce energy consumption by as much as 90% and material usage by as much as 70%. The TrakRap System is suitable for 90% of primary SKUs in supermarkets.

Because the TrakRap System uses less of everything, we can pass the savings on to our customers. That’s why we can guarantee the lowest price and lowest carbon footprint per pack, no matter what the primary pack is. We simply won’t be beaten on pack price.

Typically we deliver:

- 10 to 20% Lower Pack Costs
- 70% Less Carbon
- 70% Less Packaging
- 100% Recyclable Film (including GreenRap Closed-Loop Solution)
- Significant Reduction in Merchandising Cost

The TrakRap machine is a fully automated digital system that is completely Industry 4.0 enabled. Whether it’s preventative maintenance through remote monitoring via Mindsphere, MES auto set up, integration with upstream production, data to monitor shift patterns, up time performance and productivity, right down to simple manual feeding.

Powered by Digital Servo Drives that are much more reliable, precise & accurate compared to analogue motors.
Digital inputs and outputs enable us to provide remote monitoring, remote diagnostics and virtual commissioning.
One size of film which is simple and easy to replace and through the TP700 comfort HMI user interface, enables typical pack size changes in less than 5 minutes.
TrakRap Film:
TrakRap’s film is an 8-micron linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) that uses a particularly pure polymer that has long carbon chains, a mixture of C6 and C8, this makes it very strong and stretchy, but also means it can be recycled time and time again.

As the carbon chain of our film is so long, it means that it can be returned and recycled many, many times, eventually becoming a durable hard plastic. As a hard plastic it has many uses such as building material and garden furniture, where it then continues to be used multiple times without ever releasing its carbon.

By comparison a cardboard box can only be recycled 4 – 7 times until its chains are too short to be woven into boxes, at which point it’s destiny is incineration or land fill, where it releases a considerable quantity of carbon back into the atmosphere.

With long carbon chains, we are able to keep the film ultra-thin yet it is still strong enough to be stretched around products to create a stable and reliable pack, that guarantees the protection of products all along the supply chain. For retail packs usually as little as 2 to 5g of film is all that’s required, which is typically 70% less than traditional shrink films.
Another area that saves our customers time and money is our commitment to using just one film size to wrap every pack whatever the shape and size! This significantly reduces the complexity, cost and waste associated with managing and stocking multiple film sizes which we often see in traditional shrink wrap systems.

- Fast Changeover
- One Film Size for productivity
- 1 – 50 Packs per Minute
- Easy Open, Perforated Packs
Pack Designs:
TrakRap is independent, so we work with leading packaging suppliers to create ground breaking solutions that use the minimum amount of material to get the job done. All our designs combine our ‘cold wrap’ film, either on its own or with the minimum amount of corrugate, cartonboard or RPET, that’s why we can guarantee that our packs will be lower cost and have a lower carbon footprint than any other transit or RRP solution. Put simply, we use less of everything, so it costs less and produces less waste.

Working with our customers we bring our vast experience of packaging materials, supply chains and retail to the table in a well established, collaborative process that’s absolutely free.

Our Designs
All our designs start with disposal and the impact on the environment and work backwards all the way to how the raw materials are supplied. Our full range of options have been designed with a clear focus on the demands of the retailer, often referred to as the 5 ‘Easies’:

Easy to identify the product
Easy to prepare the product for the shelf
Easy to place on the shelf
Easy to breakdown the packaging into individual substrates
Easy to recycle – and all this at the lowest possible cost

We have divided our range of packs into four categories and produced an easy to follow ‘Solution Finder’, so you can select which category is best suited to your product. Our solutions team will also be able to advise regarding bespoke designs and solutions, no matter what the primary pack, whether it be: cartons, tins, jars, tubs, bags or loose products.
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