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Travtec Limited design and manufacture specialised packaging machinery and product handling systems for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. We specialise in coding, marking, vision and labelling applications, working in partnership with OEMs creating new opportunities for systems design.

Our systems development department specialises in innovative solutions to product handling of difficult to control products and components in pharmaceutical, food & cosmetics packaging environments.

Management Personnel

  • Production Director: Alan Turner
  • Technical Manager: Andrew Brookes
  • Technical Sales Manager: Jake Barnes
  • Sales Co-ordinator: Karen Sims
  • Technical Author & Validation: Lee Hatchard
  • Managing Director: Harry Thomason

Products Supplied

Parabel (UK):
System for applying labels to underside of tubs, jars & cans. for integrating with conveying lines, or can be supplied as stand-alone with optional infeed conveyor.
Base-Coding Diverter (UK):
On-line patented basecoding attachment mounting to conveyors. For applying batch codes, etc. to the base of containers with inkjet.
Paratran (UK):
For joining conveyors end-to-end by gripping with side belts, used for basecoding, inspection and labelling.
Cap Press (UK):
Used for continuous on-line for pressing home over-caps, plugs and lids with gentle action.
Labelino X1:
Tabletop Labeller for automatically applying wrap-round labels to cans, bottles & jars.
Labelino X2:
Tabletop Labeller for automatically applying labels to boxes, cartons & pouches.
Tiny Labelino:
Desktop unit for semi-automatically applying labels, vignettes & stickers to items of packaging.
Wolke M610 Touch Inkjet Printer:
Thermal Inkjet Printer (T.I.J.) Uses HP environmental friendly water based ink for clean and maintenance free coding and marking.
Wolke M610 Advanced & O.E.M Printer:
Thermal Inkjet Printer (T.I.J.) For more complex coding requirements including variable Datamatrix codes to ECC 200 ethernet ready. Suitable for serialised coding on pharmaceutical products. The O.E.M. version is designed for integrating with vision systems and automated packing machinery.
Pharma Vision System:
OCR/OCV High Specification Vision System for Pharmaceutical Products. Suitable for Serialised 2D codes meeting EU Falsified Medicines Directive & Line Aggregation.
Pharmacarton Serialisation Coding Station (UK):
Intergrated precision in-line, high resolution digital system for printing Lot, Expiry, Barcode, Serialised Datamatrix and RSS codes onto pharmaceutical and medical cartons at resolutions up to 600 dpi. Combined with OCR/OCV vision inspection and reject station.
Lixis SVC Blister Control:
Inspects Blister Packs filled with tablets or capsules. For mounting on Thermo-formers for PVC & Aluminium blisters.
Lixis MH Pinhole Detector:
Detects Pinholes & pores on Alu-Alu Blisterpacks produced during cold forming, which are usually invisible to the naked eye.
Pharma Aggregation Unit:
For Track & Trace in Pharma.
Travino (UK):
Desktop serialisation with integrated T.I.J. printer & vision system. Can print & check serialised data on flat & erected pharmaceutical cartons. For short runs & re-work.
Tiny Tampino:
Desktop Tamper Evident Label Applicator for pharma compliance with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive. Easy to set up & operate. Manually operated for short production runs & re-work.
TR-750/860 Speed-Feeder (UK):
High speed feeding of flat cartons, sheets and cards for labelling, printing and thermal transfer.
Caplicator (UK):
Applies overcaps & lids to tubs, Jars & cans. Cap chute can be manually fed or can also be supplied with bowl or rotary feeder for fully automatic operation.
Labelino X3:
Tabletop Labeller for automatically applying front & back wrap-round labels to cans, bottles & jars. Perfect for wine & beer bottles.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

King Verpackungmaschinen GmbH:
Germany. + 49 61 03 98 57 53
492 Quimper. France +33 2 98 94 61 51
Nutec Systems Inc:
Lawrenceville, NJ, USA. +1 609 912 0145
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Wolke Inks and Printers Germany:
m610 O.E.M. Thermal Inkjet Printer; m610 Advanced Thermal Inkjet Printer; m610 Touch Thermal Inkjet Printer.
Videojet Inc, USA:
Continuous Inkjet Printers Laser Printers Large Character D.O.D. Printers.
Lixis, Argentina:
Pharmaceutical Vision Products.
Nutec Systems, USA:
CheQAssure(TM) system eliminates the risk of human error in code checking to provide effective batch verification and quality control.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Diverter
  • Lixis Vision
  • Paratran
  • Pharmacarton
  • Sunala
  • TR-750 Speed Feeder
  • TR-860 Versa-Feeder
  • Tampino
  • Tiny Tampino
  • Tiny Labelino
  • Labelino
  • Caplicator
  • Travino
  • Mini-Press
  • Parabel

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