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Troax UK Ltd are a leading supplier of mesh Machine Guarding and full steel partitioning systems for automated processing, packaging and welding applications. Our full steel and steel / mesh panels are manufactured to rigorous safety standards and we hold current ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.

Panels come in a range of standard heights and widths, with a variety of mesh apertures, most notably 20 x 100 which is the appropriate optimum size for Machine Guarding applications.

We can design bespoke guarding layouts to suit any application and all mesh panels can be modified on site using our unique cutting and finishing kits.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: David Teulon
  • National Sales Manager: Geoff McBride
  • Sales Office Manager, Troax UK: Will Sabin
  • Supply Chain Manager, Troax Lee Mfg Ltd: Wayne Shelley

Products Supplied

Rapid Fix Machine Guard, ST20 / 30:
A Steel / Mesh Machine Guarding System with a unique 2-point fixing system which is easily installed by one person and can be dismantled using a simple Allen key. Fully demountable and re-locatable.
Smart Fix Machine Guarding ST20 / 30:
A Steel and Mesh Machine Guarding system ideal for more permanent applications. Panels are fixed in-line with posts and can incorporate hinged or sliding doors. Polycarbonate options are available.
Combi Fix Machine Guarding ST20 /30:
A steel and mesh Machine Guarding system that combines the Upper bracket from our Smart Fix range with the lower bracket and slot from our Rapid Fix system.
Safe Lock (Interlock):
A range of interlocking devices designed specifically for Machine Guarding requirements with models suitable for low-to-medium and medium-to-high risk applications. We also offer specially designed brackets, which enable our Machine Guarding systems to be fully compatible with Fortress Interlocks.
Stainless Steel Machine Guarding:
Troax now offer a new Stainless Steel Machine Guarding range that is perfectly suited for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, or where extremely hygienic conditions are required.
Modular Demountable Steel Partitioning:
A variety of fully demountable single and double skin partitioning systems ideal for factory and warehouse division is available from Troax Lee Manufacturing Ltd. Partitioning is available in a wide range of all-steel, steel & mesh, steel & glass, and all mesh configurations.
Overseas Reps

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UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Troax Lee Manufacturing Ltd.
Manufacturer of Modular Steel Partitioning.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Bastion
  • Caelum:
  • UR350:
  • Combi Fix:
  • Elan
  • UX450:
  • Rapid Fix:
  • Safe Fix:
  • Safe Lock:
  • Sigma
  • Smart Fix:
  • Strong Fix
  • Titan

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