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ULMA has over 60 years experience in providing packaging solutions worldwide. The UK alone accounts for over 1,500 installations over the same period.

Now serving the UK and Ireland as a wholly owned subsidiary of ULMA S.COOP, ULMA specialise in the manufacture and supply of the complete range of the following systems:

* Flowpack machines (horizontal and vertical) from the simple entry to the high speed (MAP) electronic systems and auto feeders.
* Vertical packaging machines - main applications include loose products, granulated products, bakery products or difficult to handle products.
* Thermoform fill and seal systems - MAP, vacuum, medical, blister.
* Tray sealing systems for pre-made trays.
* Tray stretch wrapping and shrink wrapping.
* Shrink wrapping system for food and non food.

All installations are backed by a full spares and service facility in ULMA's new purpose built HQ in Yorkshire.

In addition, ULMA are able to offer full system supply with integrated automation processes within the line.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Chris Pickles
  • Sales Director: Ed Williams
  • Business Manager - Automation: Stephen Craddock
  • Technical Manager: Dave Berriman
  • Product Manager: Alastair Cook

Products Supplied

Flow wrappers - Vertical:
VTC 700:
High speed intermittent 'bagging' machine, highly versatile in multi-format - pillow, block bottom, 4 side seal, 3 side stand up 'pouch' style etc. Available with weighing / depositing systems.
VTC 800:
Hygienic design vertical packaging machine (VFFS) with easy change of forming tube. Designed for continuous packing at high production speeds.
Thermoforming machines:
TFS 200/300:
Ideal entry level machine for low volume flexible packs, with small footprint, portable and in-expensive.
TFS 400/500:
Medium level machine with facility for rigid base web, also available in skin pack format.
TFS 600/700:
Medium to high volume applications on rigid / flexible or skin pack formats - high speed variant also available. Many peripheral options possible - labellers, coders, multi-head weighing - depositing etc.
Horizontal automatic packing machines characterised by package formation within the machine using two film coils normally made of different material.
Blister packer for non-food applications.
Tray Sealing machines:
Entry level range of flow wrappers suitable for most applications (not MAP) up to 120ppm.
TS Smart:
Semi-automatic tray sealer with options for gas & vacuum.
Tray Stretch Wrappers:
Medium to high volume tray stretch wrapper for meat, poultry, produce, fruit etc. The machine can handle tray size variation automatically & selected appropriate film roll. Up to 40 packs per minute.
High speed version of above, up to 60 packs per minute.
TFS 540:
Entry level to medium volume, fully automatic tray sealer with many options - auto in-feeds etc.
TFS 680:
Medium to high speed tray sealer for most applications, full range of options and peripherals available.
TFS 840:
High speed tray sealer for most applications, full range of options and peripherals available.
Flow wrappers - Horizontal:
High speed, heavy duty 24/7 flow wrappers with large range of options & auto in-feeds. Typical applications - 'trayed' products, produce, bakery - up to 400ppm.
High speed MAP wrapper, large range of options and in-feed systems. Available in standard or inverted formats. Typical applications - cheese, meat, fish, pizzas - up to 120ppm.
High speed MAP wrapper for larger products - meat, cheese blocks etc up to 90ppm.
Versatile high speed shrink wrapper for products such as cheese, frozen fish etc up to 150 ppm.
Extremely versatile inverted wrapper for difficult, unsupported products where high volume MAP is not required. Many model options are available.
FM Range:
A range of machinery in both and bottom reel format with high integrity sealing which gives entry level capability for MAP packaging.
Range of high speed shrink tunnels for most applications and films.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

We have Representatives globally:
Please contact the UK office for your local sales office.
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Ulma Packaging C y E, Spain:
Trade names

Trade names

  • Artic
  • Atlanta
  • Florida
  • FM300
  • Galaxy
  • Olympus
  • Pacific
  • Sienna
  • Smart 500
  • Superchik
  • TF Mini
  • TFS 200/300/400/500/600/700
  • TFS 540/680/840
  • TFS Skin
  • VTC 840
  • VTI 640

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