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UR's employees & offices:

* We currently have 490+ employees consisting of 35+ different nationalities. Around two thirds are based at HQ in Odense, Denmark, and the rest in the following 14 countries: USA (5 offices), Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, China (3 offices), India (2 offices), Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Mexico - a total of 22 offices. In addition, we have around 300 partners around the world.

UR's global cobot market share:

* Our cobot market share is 58% according to analyst firm BIS Research. We only quote global market share, not regional/local. UR has sold more cobots than all competitors combined. We are both the frontrunner and the pioneer of cobots, having sold the first commercially viable cobot back in December 2008. We will maintain our market share and momentum by continuing to invest heavily in R&D, out-innovate competitors, and staying ahead of the curve.


* We're not just providing a cobot: With UR+ we have created a platform that leverages our innovative global ecosystem, which strengthens our technical leadership position. This unique concept allows us to focus on delivering the best cobot on the market while working closely with 3rd party developers which ensures that our partners and end-users can deploy quickly by choosing UR+ products optimized to work seamlessly with our cobots. It's a shared business value model that we extend to our sales channel partners.

* Currently we have 69 certified UR+ products and 266 approved commercial developer companies in the UR+ program.

Management Personnel

  • Area Sales Manager: Mark Gray

Products Supplied

Collaborative Robots:
Our collaborative robots (Cobots) are lightweight, space-saving and easy to re-deploy to perform multiple applications without changing production layouts. Easily programmable and flexible.
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