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Established in 1952, Valco Melton is one of the world's leading manufacturers of adhesive dispensing machinery and electronic quality monitoring systems across the packaging, paper converting, graphic arts and nonwoven industries.

Valco Melton specializes in the manufacturing, packaging and sealing of items such as corrugated boxes and cartons across more than 12 markets.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with research, distribution and manufacturing facilities throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China and India, Valco Melton offers world class dispensing systems and quality inspection solutions to customers from over 76 countries across the globe.

Management Personnel

  • Chairman, CEO: Greg Amend
  • UK Sales Manager: Mat Garner
  • Sales Engineer, UK North: Ian Hewitt

Products Supplied

Cold Glue Application Systems:
Since 1952, Valco Melton has been a leading supplier of cold glue adhesive dispensing systems for industrial applications, including boxes, cartons, packaging and coatings.
Hot Melt Application Systems:
Valco Melton offers a comprehensive selection of hot melt systems, spare parts and support equipment to the converting industries.
ClearVision(R) Quality Assurance Systems:
ClearVision(R) Camera Inspection Systems guarantee zero defect boxes and offer remote analysis. Inspect, retrieve, and ensure quality data with the industry's leading high-speed camera technology.
EasyCoat(TM) Adhesive Coating System by Valco Melton:
Modular or bespoke coating and laminating system for tape, label manufacturers or contract coaters.
EcoStitch(TM) Electric Gluing Technology:
All-electric gluing systems reduce adhesive usage, eliminate consumable parts, downtime and compressed air to improve OEE. EcoStitch valves can work at extremely high speeds providing a clean application.
PackChek(TM) System:
Real-time hot melt inspection for end-of-line packaging. PackChek is an automated packaging inspection system that takes a thermal and visible image of every package to ensure hot melt glue has been applied to the correct locations.
Melton on Demand Electric Kube(TM):
Tankless hot melt system specifically for food & beverage packagers, the Kube helps improve system operation by removing degradation problems, as well as minimizes maintenance and downtime.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Valco Melton (World Headquarters):
Cincinnati, USA +1 513-874-6550
Valco Melton Spain (Euro Headquarters):
Orcoyen, Spain +34 948 321 585
Valco Melton Germany (Valco Cincinnati GmbH):
Düsseldorf, +49 211 984 798-0
Valco Melton France:
Valence, France +33 (0)
Valco Melton Italy:
Brescia, Italy +39.030.2732544
Valco Melton Hungary:
Budapest, Hungary +36 1214 4705
Valco Melton Benelux:
Nieuw Vennep, the Netherlands +31.252.673 673
Valco Melton China (Valco Xiamen Import & Export, Ltd.):
Xiamen, Fujian, China +86.592.591.7854
Valco Melton India:
Bangalore, India +91.80.28602821
Valco Melton USA West Coast:
Petaluma, CA +1 707-285-3392
Valco Melton Poland:
Siechnice, Poland +48 71 889 04 50
Valco Melton Mexico:
Mexico D.F., Mexico +52.55.6278.1727
Valco Melton Turkey:
Istanbul, Turkey, +90 212 327 99 71
Valco Melton UAE:
Sharjah, UAE, +971.521305960
Valco Melton Singapore:
Singapore, +65 850 95355
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Valco Melton USA:
Cold glue and hot-melt adhesive dispensing systems.Quality inspection systems. Engineered products.
Valco Melton Spain:
Hot-melt adhesive dispensing systems, equipment and spare parts. Engineered products.
Trade names

Trade names

  • 3NC(TM)
  • 3NCR(TM)
  • BoardRunner(R)
  • BoxChek(TM)
  • BundleChek(TM)
  • ClearVision(R)
  • EcoStitch(TM)
  • Electric Kube(TM)
  • FlexCoat(TM)
  • FlexMelt(TM)
  • Flexoseal(R)
  • FlexosealPRO(R)
  • FlexSpray(TM)
  • Fluid Kinetics(TM)
  • FoldChek(TM)
  • GlueChek(TM)
  • GMS-VanSco(TM)
  • KUBE(TM)
  • microglue(R)
  • microgluer(R)
  • micromailer(R)
  • PackChek(TM)
  • PrintChek(TM)
  • Robond(R)
  • Robond(TM)
  • SealTak(TM)
  • Tri-Valve(TM)
  • VanSco(TM)
  • VisiPro(R)
  • RegChek(TM)

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