Unit E-F
Kendal House
Victoria Way
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 9NF
01444 870055

We help and support engineers and businesses in the food and beverage sectors to choose the right level and pressure solutions from handling bulk materials and ingredients - during manufacturing processes - to the distribution of finished products. VEGA provide a wide range of sensors, transmitters and point-level switches, for all kinds of liquids, gases and solids for process control, inventory and automation tasks. The latest generation, low-cost sensors are designed with safety for staff, simple operation, ease of installation and productivity in mind.
Our innovative, market leading instruments are providing optimum performance and reliability to deliver cost and time savings during all stages of production cycle. For example, easy to see and understand on-plant process status indication and accurate, centralised data for distribution systems. VEGA devices are focused on enabling businesses to deliver quality, optimise their productivity and energy inputs - saving costs.

Management Personnel

  • Marketing Manager: Doug Anderson
  • Sales Manager: Graeme Cross

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