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Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) peristaltic tube and hose pumps meet requirements including: value for money; low cost of ownership; reliability and ease of maintenance to the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and many other industries.

We demonstrate how pumps deliver significant process efficiencies over the lifetime of the equipment. Whether performing flavouring addition in food processing, chemical metering in water treatment or mineral recovery, we have a solution which can cut pump downtime and reduce costs through higher accuracy metering and transfer.

WMFTG has dedicated application engineers available to help customers make the right pump and tubing choice from a range providing microlitres per minute to 80 cubic metres per hour flow rates.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Simon Nicholson
  • Country Manager - UK: Andrew Ashton

Products Supplied

Peristaltic Pumps:
A range of low maintenance peristaltic dosing and metering pumps capable of handling flows from 0.6 l/min. to 8,000 litre/hour and handling pressures of up to 7bar (100psi). Simple to install, easy to use.
Sinusoidal Pumps:
Gentle sinusoidal pumps for food, chemical and cosmetics applications. High flow, high suction for flows up to 90 cubic metres per hour.
Filling and Capping Equipment:
Aseptic liquid filling systems for the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries.
From stand-alone units for hand filling, through semi-automatic systems, to fully automatic filling, stoppering and capping machines.
Precision tubing for pumping and other purposes, available in 10 different materials and 50 different sizes, from 0.13mm to 40mm.
Overseas Reps

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UK Reps

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Trade names

Trade names

  • Asepco
  • BioPure
  • Bredel
  • Flexicon
  • Flow Smart
  • MasoSine
  • Aflex

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