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Welcome to the home of bag filling, case palletising, driverless pallet trucks & AGVs. We manufacture good quality, reliable machinery and engineer automatic end -of -line pallet transport solutions .

We serve the food, pet food, animal feed, fertilizer, chemicals, renewable energy, waste processing, aggregate, minerals and plastics industries world-wide.

Our range of equipment includes bulk bag filling machines, form fill seal (FFS) bag packing machines, fully automatic bag filling lines, carton & bag palletizers, pallet stretch wrapping systems, pallet stretch hooding machines, automatic pallet strapping or pallet banding lines, pallet conveyors, control panels and automatic 'self -driven pallet trucks' - 'AGVs'.

We design, manufacture, test, install, commission, train your operators and provide 'after sales service' for all the equipment we supply.

Our capability encompasses the engineering of integrated packaging systems, including design, project management and aftersales service support contracts.

Whatever you wish to : - pack, wrap, strap, stack or transport - the experience we have gained over the past 45 years gives us the expertise to ensure that your products will be
- 'packed with know - how '.

Management Personnel

  • Director: Mathew Wilson
  • Operations Director: Tony Jones
  • Administrative Manager: Jo Smith

Products Supplied

Big Bag / Bulk Bag Filling Machine:
Versatile Machine with 'semi-suspended' filling technology, for weighing any powder, pellet, flake or crystal into big bags/super sacks/jumbo bags/FIBC's.

We produce equipment for all industry types, industry sectors, applications and environments. Since 1992 we have supplied over 280 systems for bagging plastics, PET, PTA, Sugar, Salt, Fertilizer, Chemicals and crushed rock products.

Our mobile machines are mounted on wheels so they can be moved to different bagging locations within the factory.
AGV- Self driving pallet fork trucks:
Built on the Linde fork trucks platform, our LIDAR guarded AGVs are simple and quick to install.
No task or company is too small. Suitable for multiple, complex A to B movements you will find that our AGV brings the cost of internal factory pallet transport down to a minimum.
From the moment our AGV starts working you start saving - because your fork truck driver(s) can be utilised for other tasks.
Auto Pallet Banding & Strapping Systems:
Complete pallet handling lines, including top board application. Automatic strapping of loaded pallets and unit loads such as building blocks, plasterboard, piles of paper and cardboard - as well as package goods where companies need to limit the use of packaging materials and stretch film.
Automatic Pallet Conveying Systems:
For simple 'A to B' movements or an integrated factory logistics system.

Complete range of modular pallet transport and handling equipment - pallet roller & chain conveyors, turntables, shuttle cars, pallet elevators, pallet sorting, pallet de-stackers and pallet stackers.
Integrated Systems:
Turn-Key bagging installations. Complete packing lines, End of line palletising, pallet conveying & AGV pallet transport systems.
Automatic Bagging Lines:
Fully automatic and semi-automatic bagging machines for filling bags with;
pet food, food ingredients, food mixes, chemicals, fertilizer, plastics, crushed rock products.

Bag weights 2.5 -50 kg bags at speeds of up to 2000 bags an hour.
Form-Fill-Seal Bagging Machine - Vertical:
Vertical Form Fill Seal bagging machine for fully automatic high speed making and filling pouches and bags from 50gto 1kg, 1kg-5kg and 5kg-50kg and 5 to 80 litres at bagging rates up to 60 bags a minute.

Our machine allows for round-the-clock production with capabilities for different bags shapes and format.
Form Fill Seal Bagging Machine - Tubular:
Tubular Form Fill Seal bagging machine makes and fills bags from roll of tubular film. Fully automatic, high speed machines for packing bags from 5kg to 25 kg at up to 35 bags a minute. The compact modular design has built-in reliability for 24 hours/ day unattended operation catering to different bag shapes and formats.
Pouch Packaging Lines:
Integrated form fill seal pouch packing, pouch collating, bundling, shrink wrapping, cartoning & palletising systems for pet food and food ingredients.
Small Bag Packaging Lines:
For the packing of : -
Ethnic Foods(Rice lentils etc), Flour, food ingredients, food mixes, Pet food, Building adhesives & cements, Lump wood charcoal and briquettes.

Into Paper / plastic bags x 500g - 5 kg
Baling Machines :
Fully automatic machine for compressing and packing chopped grass, silage and equine feeds into rectangular bales.
Bales 25 - 100 litres x 6 bales/min.
Okura Robot Palletising Systems:
If you require a low cost palletiser with a very small foot print please enquire about the new Okura Ai700 'Compact-Pal', alternatively if you need high speed palletising the Okura Ai 1800 at up to 1800 cycles per hour will be more suitable.

Thousands of Okura robots are hard at work every day palletising sacks, bags, boxes, cartons, crates, drums and shrink-wrapped packs.

Okura robots offer legendary reliability and feature 'OXPA' self-teach technology - enabling the user to upload and modify palletising programmes himself.

Webster Griffin are proud to be Okura's UK distributor and service partner since 2000.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Please contact us directly for your local representative.
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Okura, Japan:
UK Distributor service and spare parts provider for Okura Robot palletisers.
B&C, Italy:
Automatic FFS bag packing machinery.
BL Bag Line, Italy:
Tubular Form Seal Bagging Technology.
Unitech, Italy:
Fully Automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines and pallet strapping & banding lines.
Weber-Waagenbau GmbH, Germany:
High tech weighing.
Global AGV:
With LIDAR - 360 Degree, 3D view navigation technology.
Pallet stacking units for your packing hall, warehouse and retail environment.
Trade names

Trade names

  • ABS 250
  • ABS 600
  • ABS 1000
  • MBS 250
  • Compacta FFS 450/600/1500
  • CV4125
  • CV4150
  • Econopal
  • Econo-PAL 400
  • Econo-PAL 700
  • Endurance 60
  • Endurance Stretch Hooder
  • FFS CV10
  • FFS CV25
  • FFS V 10-80
  • FFS V 5-25
  • FFS V SACHET 10-5000
  • FFS VB 5-150
  • FFS Velocity
  • IABA 600
  • IBC-PF1
  • IBC-PF2
  • IBC-PF4
  • IBC-PW
  • Jumbo Bagger
  • MBS 1000
  • MBS 200-500
  • MBS 600
  • Okura Ai1800
  • Okura Ai700
  • Okura
  • Pouch Packer 3000
  • Uniwrap 100S
  • Uniwrap 200 Auto/AE
  • Uniwrap 300 Auto/AE
  • MF50
  • MF52
  • IBC-SB
  • Global AGV
  • Palomat

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