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West Pharmaservices Limited is now an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and Safe Contractor approved.

West Pharmaservices offer a range of Services to the process and packaging industry. These range from the sale of used machinery, machinery refurbishment, machinery modifications, bespoke machinery manufactured, change parts manufacture and also machinery installation.

Management Personnel

  • Technical Director: Steven Jeffery
  • Machine Shop Manager: Kim Vine
  • Electrical Manager: Richard Dela Nougerede
  • Technical Service Manager: Rob Ball
  • Design Engineer: Dan Ward
  • Commercial Director: Simon Jeffery

Products Supplied

West AFP 760 Ampoule Feeder (UK):
Fully automatic Ampoule feeder suitable for fitting to most thermoforming machines. The West AFP 760 was designed and
manufactured by West Pharmaservices to meet the requirements of a major pharmaceutical company, The machine was installed in 2003.
West AFP760 Speed:
300 Ampoules a minute
10 Ampoules a time
30 Cycles a minute
West ABF 300 Blister Feeder (UK):

The blister feeding magazine designed and manufactured by West Pharmaservices Ltd

- Precisely controlled by a servo motor.
- The unit can operate at 300 blisters a minute.
- The unit can be retrofitted to any make of cartoning machine.
- The unit uses rotating disc discharge wheels that can handle non standard blisters as well as good quality blister packs.
Balcony Construction Conveyors (UK):
Inclined conveyors with easily removable belts.
West Rotary Tables (UK):
Bespoke size tables made for specific applications, Including:
West RT 1200 LT

Standalone Rotary table with lifting tray.

Stainless steel Construction.

Machine is suitable for most unstable products.

Large top allowing extra large capacity of product.

WEST RT1200 SP Rotary Table

With acoustic guarding tray on station containers off to slat band conveyor.

Product was glass bottles

WEST Rotary Table

Custom made to act as a buffer from labelling machine to cartoning machine.

Designed and manufactured for a Leading Pharmaceutical company.

Stainless steel construction to comply with cGMP requirements

WEST RT1200 Rotary Tables

Connected by slat band conveyor

with tray on and tray off station.

Vial Separation device to enable batch printing on the vials.

West RT 300

Bespoke Rotary table

designed and manufactured for a specific carton handling requirement.

West RT 1200

Stand alone Rotary table.

Stainless steel Construction.
Powder Mill (UK):
Powder Mill to solve customers' powder 'caking' problems.
West Machinery refurbishment programme:
West Pharmaservices offer a complete machinery refurbishment service.

Machines can be refurbished from our stock or from our customers facility.

Refurbishment can be from full to partial depending on the customers requirements.

Refurbishment usually offers cost savings to the customer of 50% when compared to buying new.

Over 100 machines refurbished in over 20 countries - Canada, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Spain, Kenya, Pakistan, USA, Uruguay, France, Belgium, Malaysia, Russia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Scotland, Wales, Iran, Portugal.
West Automatic Spoon feeding:
Retrofitted new CAM spoon feeder to IMA continuous motion cartoner - 120/min Retrofitted new CAM spoon feeder to CAM PMM cartoner 50/min
West Automatic Robotic syringe feeder:
Design build of an automatic robotic syringe feeder. The machine can be retrofitted to any cartoning machine.

The feeder saves both time and money on staff.
West Product tipping project:
Our customer required a solution for transferring their product between existing containers and new Matcon containers.

The machine is now installed and integrated in the production line and is now in use 24hours a day.
Ampoule Scroll Feeder WEST ASF60:
Ampoule Scroll Feeder

Designed and manufactured in house, to solve a transfer problem from an
Ampoule labeller to a Check weigher.

The scroll was chosen as the best way to solve this problem as Ampoules
are renown for being highly difficult to transfer from one machine to the next.
West ROPP Capping Head:
Bespoke design; Capping head and Vibrating bottle top feeder added to an existing filling machine.
West Bung hopper with outfeed:
Design manufacture and install bespoke feeder.

The Bung hopper with outfeed to suit loading existing Vial filler vibratory bowl.

Using lift / lower trolley and linear vibrating unit.

The unit is being designed and manufactured for a large Multi national Pharmaceutical company.

The machine has been designed and tested and has now been approved so can now be prepared for coating and polishing due to the clean room environment the machine will be operating in.

The machine is designed to Pharmaceutical standards and to comply with cGMP.
West Tray wash unit:
Designed and manufactured for a large food company in the UK.

The machine was also installed and commissioned offering a complete turn key solution for our client. The machine has been in use now for a number of years.

We have continued to work together on other bespoke machinery requirements.
West Vibratory Bowl and Tube feeder:
Designed and manufactured to feed small tubes automatically into a cartoning machine.

The machine was fully designed, manufactured and tested at our main factory prior to installation at a pharmaceutical company in the UK.

The machine was able to increase production and was a cost effective solution to using staff to pack tubes into the cartoner's infeed.

The vibratory bowl was chosen as the best solution for feeding the tubes.

The machine was installed and commissioned and validated by West pharmaservices.
West High speed tube feeder:
Automatic bomb door type feeders single or twin lane suitable for itting/retrofitting to intermittent motion or continuous motion cartoners.
West ATF 120:
Fully automatic drum type tube feeder suitable for retrofitting to most makes of cartoning machine.
West Conveyors:
West manufacture and design a range of conveyors to suit customers' requirements.

These include Small product transfer conveyor Manufactured for a UK veterinary company.

Solving a solution of transferring a product from cartoner to labeller

West bespoke conveyors
Conveyor with empty pack and open flap
Detection to reject packs before they enter the downstream machine

Balcony Construction Inclined Conveyor. Supplied to a major UK food manufacturer.
- 90 Degree food grade conveyor
- Bespoke 90 degree food conveyor
- Supplied to a UK confectionery manufacturer
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As an independent manufacturer they specialise in the development of inspection systems for quality control on packaging lines for the pharma, cosmetics and food industry.
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