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Western Mechanical Handling UK Ltd is a family owned company offering automation solutions to food and pharmaceutical companies around the world. Established in 1976 WMH has over 40-years' experience in the automation of production lines for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Tom Tomlinson
  • Sales and Engineering Manager: Geoff Eastmond
  • Technical Sales and Marketing Manager: Helen Northcott

Products Supplied

Ultrasonic Cutting (UK):
Whether you are looking for a compact stand-alone unit for batch production or a fully automated in-line solution the WMH flexible ultrasonic cutting range has a model to suit your requirements. For radial or parallel cutting WMH units are hygenic, flexible, adaptable and easy to use.
Oven Loading and Unloading (UK):
For a range of product formats from pies and quiche in foils, to individual sausage rolls and pasties and baking trays of batter puddings and strap tins of bread and cakes. WMH has over 20 years' experience in supplying customised systems for large bakeries.
Spiral Freezer Loading and Unloading (UK):
Working with large bakeries WMH has designed and built numerous spiral freezer and spiral chiller loading and unloading systems to handle products in many formats from chilling freshly baked quiche and pies to freezing of ice cream.
Special Purpose Machinery (UK):
Working with major blue-chip food and pharmaceutical manufacturers WMH develops special purpose machinery tailored to customers' unique product handling and processing requirements. If you have a complex handling issue that you are looking to automate give WMH a call.
Automation Control Technology (UK):
WMH Automation provides in-house control system build and design for all WMH mechanical handling and production line equipment and attends on site with WMH systems to ensure systems integrate seamlessly with other line processing equipment.
Depositors (UK):
Hygienic multi-lane depositing systems for depositing hot or cold liquids and sauces at high throughputs and with great repeatable accuracy. Suitable for any smooth liquid including; Yorkshire pudding batter, egg custard, creme brulee, oil, pork pie jelly etc.
Collation Systems (UK):
Utilising servo control technology WMH is able to collate random flows of product into evenly spaced batches without products touching and being damaged. This technology enables clients to save costs on production materials.
Assembly Lines (UK):
Designed to offer flexible assembly of your ready meals and convenience foods whether you require manual operator positions, fully automated depositor locations or a combination of both WMH can provide you with a line that works for you.
Spiral Conveyors (UK):
Designed specifically for use in a wash-down food processing environment and offers a compact solution to elevating and de-elevating products within a high-care location. Available in a range of widths to suit your production requirements.
Browning and Grilling (UK):
WMH inline industrial grilling units are designed to add colour to the top of ready meals and convenience foods without increasing the core temperature of the product.
Product Stacking (UK):
WMH has a range of stacking units suitable for use in a food production environment, designed for a range of product formats from individual burgers to packaged ready meals.
Cheese Processing (UK):
Whether you are a small-scale artisan or a large industrial dairy WMH has solutions to improve your production processes and provide automation to your lines.
Waterjet Cutting (UK):
Providing a flexible alternative to blade cutting, where complex shapes are required.
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