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United Kingdom
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WestRock Automated Packaging Systems is committed to understanding your current needs while collaborating with you to plan and prepare for the future. With our broad knowledge of product handling and use of leading smart factory technology we design and manufacture bespoke environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Our portfolio encompasses single order dispatch systems to fully integrated packaging automation designed to maximize efficiency and productivity. We use our expertise in end-of-line and transit packaging applications to help customers in fast-moving consumer goods, frozen and dry food, home care and pharmaceuticals through to warehouse dispatch, e-commerce, picking and packaging, 3PL and contract re-packing.

Management Personnel

  • Technical Sales Manager: Tom Whatling
  • Purchasing Manager Madelaine Hayward

Products Supplied

Factory Packaging Automation:
Manufacture automated smart factory packaging machines and integrated robotic solutions that maximise production and profit.
Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP):
Bespoke packaging and factory automation machines and systems from standard templates for shelf/retail ready transit packaging applications.
Tray Erecting:
A range of automatic tray erectors - high speed and compact footprint.
Plastic-free - our machines erect trays using sustainable cardboard materials.
Case Erecting:
A range of automatic RSC case erectors with glue or tape closure.
Tray Packing:
Top or side load into either pre-formed trays or wraparound tray format.
Case Packing:
Top, side or bottom load into pre-formed cases or wraparound cases. Glue or tape closure.
Case Closing:
A range of automatic case closers, sealers and random case closers with glue or tape closure.
Warehouse Packing Automation:
We are specialists in automated e-commerce and warehousing packing lines and systems that reduce materials and labour costs.
BoxSizer is the only machine on the market that can right-size multiple pre-loaded box footprints without the need for changeovers, reducing costs around labour, void fill, shipping and excess packaging.
Multi-Case/Carton Erectors:
On-demand case/carton erectors, designed for e-commerce applications where multiple-sized boxes are required.
Robot Palletising:
Robot Palletisers which use efficient KUKA robot cells to perform almost any palletising process.
Shrink Wrapping:
A range of automatic shrink wrapping machines with integral collators and/or feed conveyors.
Gantry Palletiser:
Compact gantry palletiser is designed to meet modern production environments where space is a constraint and the need for potential future expansion is a consideration.
Pallet Wrappers:
Semi-automatic to fully automatic high speed system applications.
Bespoke Packaging Automation:
Specialist services include: consultation, design, manufacture, installation, control & safety, robotics and industry 4.0 upgrades.
Robotic Integration:
KUKA Official System Partner.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

United States
WestRock Automated Packaging Systems location in Orlando, FL.
United States
WestRock Automated Packaging Systems location in Orlando, FL.
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Siat, Italy:
Case Erectors, Case Closers, Shrink Wrappers, Pallet Stretch Wrappers, Strapping Machines.
Trade names

Trade names

  • 1000-CF-Series-Case Erectors
  • 1000-CS-Series-Case Closers
  • 1000-TF-Series-Tray Erectors
  • 600-CF-Series Case Erectors
  • BeeWrap
  • BoxErector
  • BoxSizer(R)
  • BX-600-R-Random BoxSizer
  • CF-600 Case Erector
  • CL120R Robot Collator Loader
  • CS-1000 Case Closer
  • GP-P1 Gantry Palletiser
  • HM144
  • IioT Industry 4.0
  • Linkx Smart-Factory
  • MATRIX Collator
  • OneWrap
  • Packaging Automation
  • PS100 Packing Station
  • PS50-TB
  • Repack Packing
  • RP-KR40-P1 Robotic Palletiser
  • S8
  • Siat.co.uk
  • SK20
  • SM11
  • SR20
  • SW2
  • TFS-500 Tray Erector
  • Tin-Taper
  • 600-BX-BoxSizer Range

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