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Mixing all ways - Winkworth, as the UK's largest mixer manufacturer, trading since 1924, is a leader in mixing technology. Our success is based upon unrivalled industrial mixing process knowledge and in-house technical expertise. We have a large legacy of machines which are designed and manufactured in the UK and are supplied and installed worldwide.

Our mixing machines are widely used across all industries for mixing stiff gums, pastes, powders, liquids and anything in between. Our Mixing Test Centre allows for testing and selecting the right mixer for you and we have Mixers for Hire and Customer Support for maintenance, spares, repairs and technical advice.

Management Personnel

  • Sales Director: Tim Simpson

Products Supplied

Z Blade (Kneader) Mixers:
For viscous pastes and doughs. Chewing gum, silicon rubber etc. Metal powder blending.
ZX Mixer Extruder (Kneader):
Ideal for mixing, kneading and dispersion of metal powders, very viscous doughs and pastes, with extrusion for ease of handling and process manipulation.
LabZ Laboratory Z Blade (Kneader) Mixer:
Ideal for mixing, kneading and blending of materials for development, offers CleanZ EaZy - strip and re-assemble in a few minutes.
U Trough (Ribbon) Mixers:
For mixing powders, granules, light slurries with/without liquid additions.
RT High Speed (Ploughshare) Mixers:
Custom built, options of continuous or batch versions, jacketed vacuum dryers etc.
UTS (Ribbon) blenders:
A pre-configured machine for mixing a versatile range of powders and slurries - ideal for start up companies.
Twin Shaft (Fluidising):
Very fast, accurate, gentle mixing especially for fragile materials.
L Range - Laboratory mixers:
The essential research, development and pre-production mixer with plough, ribbon and biconical and Z blade chambers.
PF Paste Feeders (Extruder):
For further processing of pastes and doughs.
PV Processing Vessels (Liquid mixing):
In a range of sizes from 20 - 4000 litres.
Double Cone (Tumbler) Blenders:
Hygienic design especially for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Coating Pans (Rotary) :
Sturdy and long lasting traditional revolving Coating Pans, ranging in size from the 406 mm (12") bench mounted laboratory unit to the 1700 mm (67") production pans.
MV Melt Vessel:
Ideal for melting block solids into a liquid form.
Brat Pans:
Used for shallow frying, stewing, braising, poaching, boiling or as a griddle.
Top Entry and Portable Mixers & Agitators:
Top Entry mixers and agitators with optional designs for flange mounting onto the top of enclosed tanks and vessels.
Liquid Processing Systems:
Design, manufacture and project management of bespoke turnkey processing solutions for the hygienic industries. R&D skid systems.
Universal Gas Cooker:
Flexible and used extensively in the confectionery and food industries. Ideal for cooking, boiling, braising, stir frying, blending and mixing of a large range of products.
Winkworth Mixer Hire:
Full range of mixers, blenders, process vessels, twin shafts, paste feeders.
Mixing Test Centre:
We offer a full size, unique and valuable comparative testing laboratory, fully supported and equipped with comprehensive facilities to carry out mixing trials and analysis on new and existing product mixes.
Winkworth Used:
Extensive range of pre-owned equipment refurbished and
re-engineered for reliability.
Rotary drum blenders (Lindor):
Known for its "Gentle Touch" mixing technique, Lindor rotary drum mixers are especially suitable for processing the delicate granular products frequently found in the food, fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.
Ystral CONTI-TDS Powders Induction & Wetting System:
The Conti-TDS is the most effective and elegant system for the Induction, Wetting and Dispersing of powders into a base liquid.
Ystral In-Line Disperser & Homogenisers:
Particle size reduction for finely distributed solids in liquids.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

We have Representatives worldwide:
Please contact the UK office for details of your local Representative.
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Ystral GmbH:
Ystral manufactures mixers, dispersers and combined mixing and dispersing systems. They are the leaders in powder incorporating technology.
Trade names

Trade names

  • BPT
  • BPT Skerman
  • Lindor - the gentle touch
  • PCM
  • Premier Colloid Mills
  • Skerman
  • Ystral

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