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Ytron-Quadro (UK) Limited, established in 1984, has firmly established itself in the UK process industries. In particular the pharmaceutical, dairy, beverage, food, cosmetic and chemical industries. We are known as a supplier of high quality, reliable equipment. We continue to strive to supply the most innovative equipment to the processing industries both in the UK and Eire.

Management Personnel

  • Executive Chairman: Dudley Bradley
  • Company Secretary: Elizabeth Bradley
  • Managing Director: Jon Youles
  • Accounts Director: Alison Bradley
  • Sales Engineer: Ben Bradley
  • Technical Director: Paul Bradley

Products Supplied

Quadro Comil:
The original Conical Screen Mill for size reduction without dust. Minimum heat input, low noise.
Labocontrole Sampling Systems:
Powder sampling devices for hoppers, chutes and also sacks. Portable and fixed samplers for safe and easy collection of representative samples. Liquid samplers for tankers, vessels and drums.
VMI Trimix:
Vacuum mixing units with rotor/stator homogeniser for production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic gels, creams and pastes.
VMI Trilab:
Vacuum mixing unit for laboratory or pilot plant.
VMI Turbotest:
Versatile bench top mixing unit with easily changed mixing tools and intergrated safety features.
Dry granulation / roller compaction system providing precise control of particle size and density.
Comminuting mill providing size reduction down to particle sizes as low as 40 microns.
Quadro H20 Comil:
High Energy Conical Mill for controlled particle size reduction for API's and Fine Chemicals.
YTRON ViscoTron:
Incorporation of powders into liquids or pastes producing high viscosity products.
YTRON VacuPlant:
Complete skid mounted packaged plant comprising vessel, (vacuum or atmospheric), ZC powder incorporation unit and Ytron-Y or anchore stirrer in vessel.
Batch incorporation of difficult to wet powders using the negative pressure generated by the rotor at the end of the ByPass tube to suck material into the action zone below the liquid level.
Quadro FlexSift:
High capacity security screening of powders flakes and granules before entering downstream equipment. Prevents damage caused by foreign bodies entering the process.
YTRON ContiCone:
Continuous incorporation of powder into liquid.
High capacity Shear Pump.
Quadro SLS:
Scalable Lab System with the ability to alternate between five milling applications in minutes.
VMI Multilab:
Laboratory batch vacuum mixer from 500 ml - 3 litres.
YTRON-Y Shear Jet Mixer:
The YTRON-Y Shear Jet applies high shear forces into the product while providing a similar mixing effect as the standard YTRON-Y jet mixer. This makes the YTRON-Y Shear Jet suitable for the production of emulsions and for size reduction of particles during mixing.
This design can also be combined with the YTRON Bypass tube to incorporate powders directly into the mixing head thereby dispersing them instantly.
Quadro Model F10:
Fine grinding in the particle size range 150 - 10 micron.
Quadro Compensator:
A flexible triclamp sleeve which allows the connection/separation of two items of process equipment with minimal modification. The sleeve is a one piece moulded seal from FDA approved material.
Directed jet mixer for in-tank mixing. Available with ByPass for powder incorporation.
Fully automatic plant for dissolving of difficult powders such as thickeners, stabilisers and gelling agents.
Continuous dissolving unit for difficult powders such as gel forming products, i.e. Carbopol, Xantham Gum, CMC, Pectin.
Continuous dissolving unit for large volumes such as reconstituting milk powder.
In-line homogeniser/emulsifier using rotor-stator system. Smoothing of Yoghurt. YTRONising of fruit juices and many other applications.
SDx Powder Processing Exchangeable Platform:
The SDx offers milling flexibility and improved powder processing efficiency from The Fitzpatrick Company and Quadro Engineering. The Smart Drive Exchangeable Platform for production scale milling and screening offering three distinct powder processing solutions on a single common drive. They include the Fitzmill hammermill, Comil conical screen mill and Flexsift security screener. This new platform enables operators the ability to quickly and easily interchange between the three heads to fulfil specific processing requirements, improve production efficiencies with lower capital investment.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Quadro Engineering, Canada:
Size reduction and security screening.
Ytron Process Technology GmbH & Co. KG, Germany:
Mixing, dispersing, homogenising and aerating equipment.
Labocontrole, France:
Powder and liquid sampling systems.
VMI, France:
Vacuum mixing units for creams and ointments at laboratory and large production scale. Bench top laboratory mixers.
Fitzpatrick Company, Canada:
Roller compaction and size reduction.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Air Supertest
  • Chilsonator
  • Comil
  • ContiCone
  • Control-It
  • EasyProof
  • Fitzmill
  • FlowControl
  • IsoControl
  • LaboControle
  • LiquiProof
  • PickProof
  • PowControl
  • PowerProof
  • Quadro Comil
  • Quadro Fine Grind F10
  • Quadro FlexSift
  • Quadro H20 Comil
  • Quadro Scalable Lab System
  • SuperTest
  • Trilab
  • Trimix
  • TurboTest
  • VacuPlant
  • VolumeControl
  • Ytronising
  • Multilab
  • SDx Series

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